Lady Luck: Rare Oriental Beauty Oolong Earl

Silver Tipped Oolong scented with Essential Oils of Bergamot & Graprefruit for attracting luck.

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Perfumes of provence gift set with pink flowers, pink tea and a book

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Calling All Earl Grey Lovers!

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Fresh Harvest Matcha Has Arrived!

Renew with the Magic of Matcha

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Soothe your gut & balance your mood

Bohemian Breakfast

Can a breakfast tea change your life?

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heal from within

Unlock the power of restorative botanicals.


Better for you and the environment.

Fair-Trade & Organic

Sourced from the best organic gardens on earth.

Relax & Rejuvenate with the World's Finest Wellness Teas Blended to Order

Blended & packaged with love & care in Ojai, California from ethically sourced, regenerative gardens. Sip harmonious fair trade, organic goodness & celebrate your senses through extraordinary, unparalleled flavors.

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Aries - Garden of Eden Oolong Apothecary Jar-Violet Glass Apothecary Jar (60-75 Cups)-Magic Hour
blackberry bergamot garden of eden oolong tea
It's Aries Season!
Strawberries & Champagne White Tea
April's Birthstone - Diamond

New & Spring sips for the season of renewal

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Refill your Magic Hour Apothecary Jar with your favorite blends & experience freshness, wellness & affordabilitea with each sip! Each refill pouch holds 60-80 cups worth of our unparalleled ceremonial teas blended to order with love for you!

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The Empress: Lavender Currant Shatavari Cocoa Tea of Nurturing Creativity

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Our subscription box is filled with a beautiful new tea every month that will surprise and delight you as you sip powerful herbal teas formulated to energetically raise your vibration and illuminate your mind, creating calm and inner peace on your life’s journey toward fulfilling your potential and manifesting your dreams!

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Our Origin Story

The “Magic Hour” is a time at sunrise and sunset when there is a beautiful glow that illuminates the atmosphere and sky around us. One evening I watched the full moon rising over Ojai on one side of the Valley as the sun was setting on the other and felt the magic of our spinning planet—I realized we could mark these moments in each of our days with a simple tea ceremony. In the morning tea ceremony we could set an intention for the day and share tea with our loved ones before we all rush off to work and school, and in the evening we can create a ritual of easing into night in the same way-through tea.

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Sipped & Celebrated: 10,000+ 5-Star Reviews!

"I LOVE this Tea in the morning."

“I LOVE this tea in the morning. Honestly I'm starting to drink it more often than I drink coffee -- and I've always been a hard core coffee drinker! This is a delicious, full-bodied, great wake-up tea!”

Jennifer P. (Verified Buyer)

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"Exceptional Flavor"

"Exceptional flavor and perfect over ice with honey and lemon slices. Having a glass daily and a canister of the tea goes such a long way.”

Caitlin M. (Verified Buyer)

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"Absolutely Delicious"

“Absolutely delicious, this is a dessert in a cup. Don’t be fooled by the matcha in the name it isn’t a super strong green tea taste at all but still delicious!! Reminds me of an almond cake”

Sophia (Verified Buyer)

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"This Tea is Decadent!"

“This tea is decadent!! I love it with or without milk. It is a great addition as someone trying to cut down on caffeine while still looking for a dark, hot beverage with a warm, roasty flavor. Lots of natural sweetness. I'm obsessed, tbh.”

Surina S. (Verified Buyer)

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