Thank you for your interest in sharing Magic Hour Ceremonial, Organic Wellness Teas & Accessories with your clients!

Our mission in life is to connect the world through sacred tea ceremonies. As Ceremonial Tea Blenders & Purveyors, we combine the world’s purest & most exquisite teas & botanicals into organic wellness teas to create an experiential retreat for you & your clients. Our blends are unparalleled & combine both ancient aromatherapeutic healing with traditions of tea ceremony & mindfulness. Each highly curated & expertly blended tea is both a flavor adventure & a healing as each tea is infused with prayers & Reiki by master blender Zhena Muzyka. 

Everything is done with LOVE for LOVE. 

A few of our Stockist Partners include:


 Before applying, please consider:

  • Our stockists are aligned to help us fulfill our mission of connecting the world through tea ceremony.
  • A wholesale, reseller's license is required.
  • Brick-and-mortar locations only, i.e. no reselling on websites or ecommerce.
  • We choose one stockist, one spa, one coffeehouse, and one fine dining establishment per city. This keeps you and us special and non-commoditized. Magic isn't a commodity!

Thank-you again! Remember, you are an infinite being of beauty and light. Your store and your home are the temples of modern times, sharing the gifts of connection and that which is sacred. Global healing and change begin within you through intention and the environments through which you express your light.

Questions? Email: or (805) 798-9199 ext 7

-With Love, Zhena & Club Magic Hour