In this video, we'll walk you through the most frequently asked questions! 

There are some markers below which you can skip to for specific questions :). Watch the video below (duration is just over 9 minutes) and if your question is not addressed there, look further on this page for the topic of your inquiry. 

This FAQ video goes over the following topics:

The Violet Glass Apothecary Jar:

  1. Where the jars come from? How & why do they work so well? (:20)
  2. What is the ribbon in the lid for? (:33)
  3. Why not to push the lid down in the jar & how to open if the lid is stuck. (:48)

The Black Pouch:

  1. How the refill pouches work. (1:56)
  2. How to open the pouch. (2:20)
  3. Smaller sample size pouches (15-30gm). (2:32)

The Violet Glass Traveler Jar:

  1. How the traveler jars work. Holds 1 ounce of Magic Hour tea.  (3:14)

Magic Hour Tea Strainers:

  1. Gold Midas Touch: How it works. Use it with a tea pot or cup. (3:45)
  2. Simple Steep: How it works, best teas to use it for, and how much tea to add. (4:56)
  3. Bombilla Straw Strainers (Gold & Rose Gold): How it works (5:39).
  4. Gold Leaf Strainer: How to use it (6:17).

Magic Hour Tea Pots:

  1. Essential Perfection Tea Pot With Strainer: How to use. Available in 12 & 24 ounce sizes. (7:10)
  2. Tea in Hand Tea Pot With Strainer: Zhena's favorite personal tea pot, great to use for tea ceremony. How to use, how much tea to put in. (7:40)

"Natural Flavors"

Our formulator, Zhena, is an aromatherapist and was one of the founders of the Organic and Fair Trade movement over 20 years ago. She was crucial in getting rules for organics passed and has had a long-time passion for organics, Biodynamics and pure products. Her blending style is bold and she uses Organic-Compliant extracts of fruits, essential oils, and spices that fall under the “Natural Flavors” broad stroke ingredient description by the FDA.  We only use extracts and flavors extracted with non-toxic methods and are 100% natural coming from the fruit or spice or flower that is distilled without chemicals.

Other companies may use “Natural Flavors” that are in a Propylene Glycol base—Zhena fought the label standards on this chemical 15 years ago and is dedicated to NEVER using flavorings with this or any other chemicals. Our flavors are entirely extracted naturally using alcohol or steam distillation. In the blending process, if the extract has alcohol, the alcohol dissipates. If you’ve ever used Vanilla Extract for cooking—you’ve used what Zhena uses in larger volumes.

When she writes, “Natural Flavors” it’s not because she wants to but that’s what the FDA requires. It’s not a great description and we assure you her standards are of the highest using only natural extracts and essential oils.

How many times can you steep a tea?

You may steep our teas several times. Each time, a new flavor nuance will arise. If you plan to steep more than twice, you may want to add an extra teaspoon or two according to taste and the strength desired.

Website Related Questions

Why doesn't my discount code work?
There are a few possible reasons why your discount may not work. First, if you are ordering and wish to use or AFTERPAY to pay for your order, discounts will not function. Also, if you qualify for free shipping, the sale promo codes won't work.

WELCOME10 if you are a new customer, you may use this code for a first time discount. It can only work once and requires you sign up for an email account with us :).

If you are trying to use more than one discount at a time–our system will only accept one discount code at a time.

You are out of my favorite tea/accessory! When will it come back in stock?We do our best to keep up with demand and not run out of stock, but with the current Covid crisis, our shipments of tea and accessories my get delayed. To stay informed and get a notification via email when your tea is back in stock, click on the text "Notify Me When Available."

How long will it take to get my tea? 
Depending on where you live, you should receive your tea within 7-10 days UNLESS the particular tea has a "SHIP DATE" in the description that is later. We ship almost 100% of orders within 2 days. 


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What name will appear on my credit card when I am billed?

Your credit card will be charged by Infinite Possibiliteas, Inc 

How is Covid Affecting Magic Hour? 
We have meticulous CDC protocols in our warehouse and offices. We focus on the highest level of safe working conditions for our beloved team. All work environments include ventilation, hand wash stations, hand sanitizer and gloves, masks are provided and our workstations are socially distanced 12-18 feet apart or in individual areas separated by walls. We love and care for our employees as our family and provide Glutathione, unlimited immunity-teas, PPE, touchless handwash stations, gloves, masks, face shields and hand sanitizer at each workstation. Also, we are a family business, so several of our employees are families that live together and work together and are all in quarantine together.