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Refill your Magic Hour Apothecary Jar with your favorite blends & experience freshness, wellness & affordabilitea with each sip! Each refill pouch holds 60-80 cups worth of our unparalleled ceremonial teas blended to order with love for you!

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Unlock the Powers of Restorative Botanicals

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Loose Leaf Tea is Better for You & the Environment


Refill your Jar to Keep your Teas Fresh for Infinity


about our refillable bio-violet glass

Apothecary Jar

Sharing our small-batch blends in our Bio-violet Apothecary Jars is our way of rewarding your journey of enjoying our blends with stunning vessels that will last you a lifetime of bliss!

The violet glass filters out the harmful rays of visible light so your organic, hand-blended Magic Hour ceremonial teas remain as fresh as the day they were harvested

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About Us

The “Magic Hour” is a time at sunrise and sunset when there is a beautiful glow that illuminates the atmosphere and sky around us. One evening I watched the full moon rising over Ojai on one side of the Valley as the sun was setting on the other and felt the magic of our spinning planet—I realized we could mark these moments in each of our days with a simple tea ceremony.

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