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White Tea for Healthier Skin

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No matter how expensive the makeup products you use are, if your skin is not healthy, nothing will come through. Skincare is an essential part of your beauty routine. Healthy skin does not happen overnight and takes a lot of patience and care. If you enjoy putting together a routine to take care of your skin, include some healthy diet habits as well, as doing so will speed up the process.

White tea is one of the inexplicable drinks that has various medical advantages for both skin and the body. After being sun-dried, the buds and leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are used to make white tea. If you are wondering why is it called white tea, the name comes from the fine white strings that hang from the plant's buds!

Because of its numerous health benefits, it is considered the best tea among all other varieties. It has ample antioxidants and low caffeine, making it an ideal cup of tea for your well-being. You must already be aware of the numerous health benefits of white tea that include oral care, diabetes control, weight loss assistance, and many more. But here are a few skin benefits that will make white tea your go-to beverage.

Acne Clearing Properties

White tea contains antioxidants, which can aid in acne prevention. Taking out toxins from your body can also help clear up any existing acne.

Skin Rejuvenation

White tea's ability to alleviate stress can help you look and feel younger. It has theanine in it, which helps calm nerves and makes you feel relaxed. When you are stress-free, you will start to glow from the inside out.

Prevent Early Aging

White tea helps heal sun damage and combats early aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. It fights against free radicals and keeps your skin from sagging. The popular tea also prevents wrinkles by strengthening collagen and elastin. Invest in our premium white tea to have youthful skin!

Incorporating White Tea into Skincare Routine

Besides drinking white tea, the tea bags that are left over can be used to make cooling eye packs. After you have finished making the tea, simply put the bags in the fridge. Use it directly under your eyes after cooling it overnight. It reduces puffiness and calms under-eye.

You can also make a mist and store it in the fridge, to be used during summer. Dip a few tea bags in water and wait till it is absorbed. Then pour it into a spray bottle and keep it in the fridge. Feel hydrated and fresh at any time of day by using it as a toner or mist.


Shop White Tea

Jasmine Moon

From a small family farm in Yunnan, these rare tea buds emanate the scent of honey jasmine, candied strawberry & sweet cream. Grown in pristine conditions by a small family co-op whose dedication to preserve nature is noble and a daily focus ties this ephemeral beauty tea to the sacred intention of both being nurtured by and nurturing Mother Earth. Jasmine is known as the "scent of God" and this precious and rare tea will remind you of the divinity in each breath.


Pink Tourmaline

Steep this bright pink white tea blend teeming with adaptogens & wellness herbs like Shisandra Berry, Shatavari, Gingko Biloba & Echinacea and find joy in this dopamine-inducing fruit-forward cornucopia blend of happiness.  Never has there been such a gorgeous-hued women's wellness tea formulated with your heart health, immunity and breast health in mind that tastes like a pink cloud but packs a serious wellness punch. 



Sapphire is meant to hearken the fall season with its hint of plum and spice, a subtle flavor profile meant to warm you as it steeps an azure blue. As you sip this tea, envision yourself speaking from your soul's highest goal on earth. 



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