Jasmine Moon White Tea of Reverence



From a small family farm in Yunnan, these rare tea buds emanate the scent of honey jasmine, candied strawberry & sweet cream. Grown in pristine conditions by a small family co-op whose dedication to preserve nature is noble and a daily focus ties this ephemeral beauty tea to the sacred intention of both being nurtured by and nurturing Mother Earth. Jasmine is known as the "scent of God" and this precious and rare tea will remind you of the divinity in each breath. White tea's health benefits range from slowing the signs of aging to heightened mental agility and collagen production. White tea is also exceptional for cooling an overheated system and for aiding digestion. There are few gifts from nature as profoundly positive in serving and elevating the human body and spirit as Jasmine infused silver tips white tea. 

Please note: if you order the jar, it will arrive with a pouch & jar for you to fill your jar.

Yunnan White Jasmine


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