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Why Subscribe? Tea Subscription Box - Magic Hour

Why Subscribe? Tea Subscription Box

Staff Writer -

Want to sample a new tea every month? A subscription box might be the solution for you. The beautiful thing about tea subscription boxes is that they let you sample a variety of teas throughout the year and identify the tastes you prefer most without having to buy a lot of tea you don't enjoy.

Discover the advantages of purchasing a tea subscription and what to consider when making your decision.

More Variety

You can sample a variety of flavors by purchasing a tea subscription package. Depending on the tea box you select, you could sample several dozen different teas a year and still be in awe of the sheer number of tastes that remain to be discovered.


Is there a more pleasant surprise than getting a monthly tea package? Tea sampling is made very convenient by subscriptions, and there is also a surprise element that beats shopping for tea in a physical store yourself.

Just the Right Amount of Tea

Depending on the box, all subscription boxes include tea samples  that can often make 10–15 cups of tea. This means that if you subscribe for a month, you will receive enough tea to drink every other day before switching to new tastes the following month. This also reduces the likelihood of tea going to waste.

Perfect for Indecisive Shoppers

How many times have you stood in front of the tea selection in the grocery store, unsure of which tea to pick? You won't have to waste any time making such choices if you subscribe to a tea box. Seasonal flavors and themed options are frequently included in subscription boxes every month, providing you with new selections to try out each time.

Cultivates a Healthy Tea-Drinking Habit

A subscription box is an excellent way to start forming a positive habit if you are a tea novice who is still searching for the ideal tea or you want to start drinking tea because of its benefits. Tea samples will give you enough tea to experience a variety of brewing styles, from hot and cold brewing to making lattes and iced tea.

Great as Gifts

A tea subscription is a wonderful way to make tea enthusiasts in your family or among your friends truly delighted. Every tea drinker in the world experiences excitement when trying a new tea. Consider getting your loved one a tea subscription box, like the Monthly Magic: tea subscription box today.

Before choosing to subscribe to a tea service, consider what flavors you prefer the most. Is it the robust, bold, and malty flavors of black tea or the fresh, vegetable-like flavor of green tea you prefer? Do you want to test both pure teas and teas mixed with other components, like flowers or fruits, or do you want to exclusively drink pure, unflavored tea?  If you enjoy all types of tea, a sampling package with a variety of flavors can be a great way to taste them all.

Get started on your tea subscription journey today! We recommend the Monthly Magic: 3-Month Tea Subscription Box With Ritual Gifts & Live Classes. Every month, you’ll receive an array of organic health and wellness teas from the world's finest biodynamic estates, complete with seasonally inspired gifts and online classes!

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