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Tuning to the Divine Feminine: International Women's Day

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Tune to the Feminine:
Happy International Women’s Day!  

 For nearly 5,000 years, the Divine Feminine has been in repose, resting and waiting for us to receive her and bring her back into balance with the world and within us. She is found in the song of birds, the running of streams, and the dance of children. She is found in the strength of mothers and the eyes of animals in the wild.

The Divine Feminine is within each of us, whether a male or female. She is the journey to wholeness and the balancing of polarity, a queen found in calm meditation in the quiet of the night.

When we sip tea and create a mindful ceremony, we honor the Divine Feminine. When we take a moment to generate gratitude for the tea Mother Earth grew for us, we honor the Divine Feminine.

When we share our hearts in circle and become vulnerable to our feelings and values, that is the sacred feminine within us waking up to our lives so that we may become more balanced and secure in our soul's calling.

Our culture has become one of the masculine, focused on accomplishment, outward wealth, and goal-reaching. We live in a world that treasures the outer successes more often than the subtle, internal awakenings that come through tapping the collective feminine power available to us all through nature and meditation. To balance this, we must reach inward daily to touch the Divine Feminine aspects of our spirit.

We are so proud of women's accomplishments in the last decades, where women have equaled the playing field and we've welcomed a woman VP in the USA. Women are rising in a beautiful and profound way. We celebrate this with every breath of our being here at Magic Hour. 

And to balance the dark and light, the masculine and feminine, the existential with the transcendental through tea time and reflection is to harmonize with the Sacred Feminine within each of us. Its outward accomplishment and equality as well as inner resources and trust we must continue to cultivate. 

Today is about celebrating women. As women we must honor the infinite source of power within us, and in Mother Earth whose stardust and magic from which we are formed.

Today is a pause in a sea of days. Today is a reflection of the feminine within us and the accomplished feminine in our world. There is much work to be done for equal wages and rights globally, and that begins with the strength we have within us.

A claiming of our collective and individual Divinity and Sacredness through strengthening ourselves in daily practices of self-care will make us whole in our efforts.

Accomplishments do not need to lead to burnout and compromise. Accomplishing balance between the Divine Feminine and the Mindful Masculine is an inside job first. We can be the models by caring for our souls on a daily basis through the simple act of tea ceremony. 

The tea workers in our Sri Lankan tea estate are devoted a Goddess named Lakshmi. She is the Goddess of Fortune and Abundance and she cares for the workers through her generous heart.

When I married my husband in the Lakshmi temple on the tea estate, the workers celebrated the Lakshmi in me. They dressed me up as her and told me of her characteristics, which are found in all women. She sits atop a lotus, coins pour from her hands, her eyes are those that see only the best in each individual human. She is the emanation of the Divine Feminine whose beauty and generosity fills the hearts and minds of her devotees.

We all have a Lakshmi within us. We all have the Divine Feminine in our hearts. She may be communed with today and all days through taking time for the sacred balancing practice of mindfully sipping tea, generating gratitude for nature and for the exquisite side of our creative nature and resourceful hearts.

So today and all days, create a practice of doing something to honor the Divine Feminine within you. Forgive someone. Take a long walk without your phone. Give thanks to a woman who has changed your life for the better.

Treasure a moment with a bird. Feed a bird. Water a tree. Serve tea to the Divine Feminine within you. Sing a song. Write a poem. Bake bread. Do something that honors the nourishing and receptive side of your nature.

For in a world that has become masculine and focused on outward accomplishment, we must go inward and cultivate the artistry of the feminine in order to create the balance we seek.

Today and all days is women’s day….today and all days we can create ceremony to celebrate that which is in each of us: the infinite blessings of the feminine energy of the universe.

With Love,


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