The Essence of Quintessence - Evoking The Throat Chakra

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Quintessence; what a word! But what does it mean?

It is defined as “the highest and fifth element in medieval and ancient philosophy that permeates every nature and is the substance comprising the celestial bodies.” It is also said to be “the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form.”

So our intention in creating our Magic Hour blend, Quintessence was to evoke the expressive nature of this word. The harmony of creativity, spoken from the Throat Chakra. When in balance, the energy center found here encourages you to speak truthfully, and share your authenticity, love, compassion, and resonance with others. Lo and behold came this soulful potion of warming, throat-soothing spices and herbs. 

We began with a base of antiviral green tea and lemongrass, then layered calming marshmallow root, rich honey crystals, and anti-inflammatory ginger to enhance its immune-boosting benefits. This blend helps to open and strengthen your vocal cords while enhancing your circulation and energetically strengthening your ability to express your true self. 

Ingredients + Alchemy

Let’s dive into some of the elements of these medicinal ingredients:

Green Tea:Well-known for its incredible medicinal properties, our organic, biodynamically-grown green infuses your being with calm energy and focus. Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, green tea is scientifically proven to lower "bad" cholesterol, promote cardiovascular health, and improve physical and mental performance. It is also antiviral and high in L-Theanine, which increases alpha-waves in the brain to bring a sense of ease and peace. It is also anti-inflammatory, which helps the lining of the throat (hello, chakra support), neuro-protective, and proven to enhance longevity and cardiovascular health.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a soothing, warming spice rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps balance blood sugar and bring warmth to the throat - perfect in harmonizing with this month’s theme. It is also antiviral, helps the body repair tissue, and can lower blood sugar levels. Studies have shown it can help protect against heart disease, and has been used to support respiratory health and to fight bacterial infections as well.

Ginger: This zesty root is best known for aiding digestion and gut health, but it also contains antioxidant properties and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It can also help reduce body fat by giving your metabolism a gentle boost, reduces oxidative stress, and fights bacterial and gum infections. It is also antiviral and can respiratory wellness. 

Marshmallow Root: This perennial herb has been revered for thousands of years and used to support digestive, respiratory and skin-related conditions. It is also deeply soothing and protective for the vocal cords, is a gentle detoxifier, and protects gastro-intestinal health. Additionally, it can calm heartburn, is a natural pain reliever and antioxidant, and is a powerful ally against colds and coughs. 

How To Steep The Perfect Cup

For resonance and speaking from your essence, we suggest steeping 1 heaping tablespoon in water that is 200-212 degrees, for 4-5 minutes. Then strain and voila, your perfect cup is ready for sipping! 

Enjoy, dear ones.

The mantra for this blend is, I Express My Essence, and we invite you to mediate on this as you brew and enjoy, ideally in a quiet moment of reflection.

This potion is a sweet, warming, throat-soothing blend, and its alchemy emboldens and inspires your life to sing out in harmony. We know you will love it and cannot wait for you to experience what it evokes within you. 

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