Leo Style and Magical Inspiration

Are you an esoteric minded Leo seeking new inspo? Read on.

Long ago in ancient Egypt, there was a double-Lion God/Goddess called Aker.
This deity was usually depicted as Duaj and Sefer - the Lion of Yesterday and the Lion of Today. Aker is akin to the Roman god of doorways: Janus - ruler of thresholds, transitions, and new beginnings.

Like dragons, lions are associated with guarding treasure, not only gold but knowledge. The most ancient goddess on record - Ishtar AKA Tanit, Inanna, and Astarte was surrounded by guardian Lions; she is quietly referenced in the Strength card of the Tarot.

And Durga, the Vedic goddess whose name means "impregnable fortress" rides a lion or tiger. But the most striking Leo goddess association? Sekhmet - the fierce Lion Goddess of Ancient Egypt.

Leos are Sun-ruled, summery creatures at heart - no matter what hemisphere they were born in* - and their most auspicious scents, colors, lotions and potions reflect that. Think blood-orange, mandarin, bay laurel (for Apollo, the Sun God) and Frankincense.

*Southern hemisphere Leos are Winter babies but they're still hot.

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