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An Invitation from Peridot

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There is something to be said about Heart Chakra stones beyond what's typically written on them. There is the standard information that we hear quite regularly: Heart Chakra stones open and activate the Heart Chakra; they’re healing; they attract and help you resolve any issues around love and receiving love; they can assist you in drawing more money and opportunities for wealth and prosperity, etc. And while these attributes are true, there’s something that these gems do that we often overlook – they ignite our resolve and sense of strength and courage in a subtle yet palpable way. Heart stones are unassuming when it comes to their deepest and truest medicine: They remind us to live with heart and from a space of the heart. Inherent in all Heart Chakra stones is courage – courage to love, courage to trust, courage to heal, courage to receive, courage to give, courage to experience abundance and the sweet goodness of life. And if you ask me, that’s what makes this month’s gemstone, peridot, so special.

How good can you stand it? That is the inquiry and the gift of peridot. And it is a question to sit with in its entirety. Your response to it will alert you to your beliefs and shine a light on what keeps you from receiving the goodness and bounty that Life has to offer. So, how good can you stand it? A Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra stone, peridot invites you to examine your beliefs and to scan the inner landscape of your heart as it is there that you attract all that you desire to you. It assists you in healing issues and wounds around your sense of self-worth and deservingness so that you can experience richness and increase in love, financial resources, opportunities, empowerment, and more. Think of peridot as a guide and champion that activates your love and will to materialize and bring forth more of what you love.


Peridot is also the birthstone of Leo and for good reason. It shares many of the shining qualities that are associated with those born under this sign and those who have Leo prominent in their birth charts – in particular, its sunny disposition, warmth, and positive, optimistic, can-do essence. In ancient times, peridot was regarded as a symbol and stone of the Sun, invoking one’s leadership, royalty, confidence, and courage – all of which are Leo qualities. Additionally, peridot was worn as an amulet for protection.


When working with peridot, you’ll notice that even the dreariest of circumstances and sluggish of emotions are infused with a breath of levity, hope, and brilliance. And during these times, where everything and everyone is being tested to some extent and degree, peridot is a trusted ally to keep close as you navigate the tumultuous yet necessary tides of change. With peridot by your side, you will feel and remember that change is always a reminder that there is more to be considered, explored, and enjoyed. Even on a cloudy day, the Sun still shines. Peridot reminds you of this truth and encourages you to shine, Shine, SHINE – especially through and during the personal overcast moments. Trying times and circumstances come and they pass. They always do.


More of peridot’s magical and rich qualities include:

  • Increased receptivity
  • Reconnects you to your sense of self-worth and “deservingness”
  • Generates and attracts abundance, wealth, and prosperity
  • Attunes you to Earth’s healing energy and frequency
  • Helps you establish communication with the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms
  • Strengthens your inner flame of light and nurtures joy, positivity, and grace
  • Helps you remove energetic blockages in the Heart Chakra
  • Encourages gratitude and fosters leadership


August’s tea is dedicated to this gem and just like the stone it is named after, Peridot Guayusa Peach Mango for Energy and Joyous Mood is refreshing, energizing, and sure to bring the sunshine to your favorite teacup and tea ceremonies. This blend includes organic Ti Quan Yin Oolong, organic mango, organic peach, organic guayusa, and natural flavor extracts of peach and mango for a radiant, revitalizing, and oh-so-sweet treat. 

Peridot is here to remind you that everything you experience is in some way a response to you and your beliefs about you. Are you willing to accept this invitation of inward excavation this healing gem is ready to take you on? Are you ready to delight in the sweetness and overflow of Life? If so, take a moment while enjoying your Peridot Guayusa Peach Mango tea, breathe in, and on the exhale ask yourself, “How good can I stand it?”


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Written by: Deanna Carpenter

DeAnna is a student of Life who expresses herself through written and spoken word, sound, movement, and healing arts. She hails from Detroit and currently lives in Southern California among the Ojai mountains and its gorgeous pink sunsets. A wordsmith and lover of soul-nourishing conversations, DeAnna is the author of two books, Lessons from the Fall and In My Solitude, and is the executive producer, songwriter, and vocalist of her 2018 album, Tsunami. She swoons over feel-good music, roll-your-eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head-because-it’s-so-good food, authenticity, kindness and consideration, and deep belly laughter. She can be reached at and via Instagram @shewhobuilds.

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