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The July Lucky Report

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The Lucky Report is based upon the The Cosmic Trinity, a Taoist philosophy, that says our destiny is the combination of the following three factors: Earth Luck (feng shui); Heaven Luck (astrology); and Human Luck (actions). This column seeks to help you optimize your Cosmic Trinity Luck each month.

 As a water-loving Cancer sign, I’m partial to July because it’s the time of year you can play in a pool, ocean, or lake all day and into the night. The Summer Solstice on June 21st gave us the longest day of the year in the Western Hemisphere, along with the cardinal energy of Cancer.

 If you know any Cancer signs, you know they’ll use those pinchers to protect their home and family at all costs. Not surprisingly, the United States is a Cancer sign and celebrates its birthday on July 4th. Maybe we should all rename our birthday to our Independence Day. We can expect the celebration (or revolution) to last all month long as this month’s astrology forecast calls for plenty of fireworks.

 With the extra sunlight this month, let’s take advantage of it. Afterall, the Sun is the source of our life force energy, which is why our Sun sign placement gets the most attention in astrology.  The Sun also creates a lot of shadows. In fact, the Moon phases are shadows of the Earth’s shadow of the Sun. You can understand why Cancer signs, who are ruled by the Moon, get the reputation for being so dang moony. They are living in the shadow of everyone else’s shadows.

 In addition to our Sun sign, we also receive the influence of whatever sign the Sun is traveling through each month. So how can we take advantage of the duality between the bright sunlight and the shadowy moonlight in July? In other words, what would a Cancer sign do? Look to your home, of course.

 With the longer days, you may notice things in your home more than usual. The way the sun hits your desk highlighting a layer of dust, or the way dust bunnies are illuminated under your sofa in ways you never noticed before. I brought in fresh-picked fruit, herbs, and flowers from our garden, proudly placed them in the wood center bowl on our kitchen island to be welcomed the next day by a batch of fruit flies. With the light comes the dark, the shadow. No wonder we want to get away for the Summer. 

 As a feng shui consultant, when I ask people what their favorite room is, the answer is almost always the room with the most natural light. The least favorite room is usually a dark area. One of my favorite feng shui transformations is to have people turn their least favorite room into their favorite.  But this month I’m flipping the script and suggesting you turn your favorite room into your even-more-favorite room. That’s right, it’s time to uplevel and watch how it trickles into other areas of your life. Let’s get started.

 Think about your house. What’s your favorite room?

 Look around your favorite room and notice what looks overused, dark, dusty, stale, or simply might attract a killer hornet’s nest any minute? Warning: This step could involve cleaning, clearing, or giving things away. When you clean, move objects to get underneath them. Remove what’s been in the shadows of this room.

 The next step is easy: Add the light. What can you now add to this room to lift its energy higher? A candle, Women Who Run with the Wolvesbook, music, Magic Hour teacups, a crystal, or your favorite flowers. Whatever the intended function of this room, make it that much more functional and inviting to be in. For extra luck, write an affirmation on a piece of paper and tuck it away somewhere in the space.

 As you uplevel your favorite room, you uplevel some aspect of your life revealing luck awaiting you, even if it’s finding lost jewelry underneath the sofa cushion. Either way, let luck find you in some way as you turn those shadows into sunlight.

 Shine on this month.

 Written by dear friend and Feng Shui Expert, Tisha Morris


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