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Carnelian - Enjoy the Spice of Life

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Summer is here and life is abuzz, and this month’s focus is Carnelian!

As a reflection of Nature, we desire to look and feel our best. We want to, like the fully blossomed rose, open our petals and showcase our resplendent colors; while basking in the warmth of the Sun’s light. Like Nature, we stretch and extend, fully embracing our light and life, relishing in the joy and play that the longer days incite. Summer is when we show off – and not just our physical bodies. In the summer, we display the fruits of all the work and intentions cultivated during the Winter and Spring seasons. We are at our peak. Our energy is high. We’re in our stride. We’re celebrating life and what it means to be alive. Energetically, we are on fire and like any blaze of any size, we are seen, noticed, felt, and admired – if even from afar.

Carnelian captures the potency and vibrancy of summer in its deep reddish-orange hue and reminds us of the flame that burns brightly within and as us. Its dark lines ground us into the creative, plentiful, and rooted nature of the Earth who, at her core, pulsates with a fiery, steady, and passionate burn.

Carnelian is a beautiful stone to work with in the summer as it ignites and supports your creativity and encourages you to spice and shake things up in your life. If you’ve been second-guessing or procrastinating on buttoning up or even starting projects, this gem will firmly inspire you to get moving and even shed some light on the best way to go about getting things done. Additionally, carnelian resonates with the lower triangle, or the base chakras – Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus (although, it’s associated more with the Sacral) – and is helpful to work with when addressing issues around security and identity (Root Chakra), pleasure, sex, and creativity (Sacral), and self-concept, confidence, and assertiveness (Solar Plexus).

Stored emotions, wounds and abuses, trauma, etc. are often kept in the Sacral Chakra so there’s no surprise that most weight gain, especially in women, is experienced and noticed in the area between the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. Working with carnelian can help you to illuminate the deep-seated issues and feelings around self-worth that are keeping the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras imbalanced. With its fiery light and energy, it will assist you to transmute the imbalances into creative energy that will support you and the gifts you are here to share and bring. Carnelian is a stone of courage, one that incites you to boldly and bravely take the necessary steps and changes so that you can live a life filled with passion, enthusiasm, intention, and inspiration. Because isn’t that what we’re all here for? To shine brilliantly without apology and pretense?

There are a few gemstones that should be a part of every gem collector’s collection – novice and seasoned – and this beauty is one of them. Carnelian’s benefits include:

  • Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakra activation and alignment
  • Creativity and creative flow
  • Sensuality and feelings of sexiness (purrrrrrrr)
  • Renews passion and restores your sense of vitality, vim, and vigor
  • Corresponds to the element of Fire and as such, aides digestion and the fiery processes of the body. If you need more heat and a tool that will help you shift from sluggish to supercharged, carnelian is your crystal booster.
  • And more!

July’s tea is dedicated to this gem and just like the stone that it’s named after, Carnelian Orange Spice Tea for Weight Balance and Rejuvenation is rooted yet fortifying, earthy yet spicy, calming yet invigorating. It’s an intoxicating blend that’s overflowing with nourishing herbs, spices, and other goodness including rooibos, green rooibos, honeybush, apricot, almonds, Saigon cinnamon, ashwagandha, milk thistle, red maca, and calendula. It is sure to heighten your immune system and give your energy a pick me up without the caffeine 😊 (Click here to read about Carnelian Orange Spice Tea,) or watch the video below!


So go ahead and take a cue from this crystal and shine bright without fear or apprehension – delighting in the fruits of your labor and basking in the zest, play, passion, and decadence of another summer season.




Written by DeAnna L. Carpenter

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