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Diamond's are a Wedding's Best Friend

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Tea is truly a sacred offering. To sip with intention, alone or in company, is an invitation to become present and intentional; to commune with the sacred. Even if it’s just an accompaniment to a much-needed moment of pause, tea is celebrated globally, in so many ways, to serve a variety of occasions. At Magic Hour we refer to this as a “ceremony of connection”, and it was the spark of inspiration behind our brand and each of our offerings. ;) 

Exploring Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremonies

China is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and tea is an integral part of the culture there, dating as far back as 5,000 years ago. Chinese tea culture reveres this ancient ritual of ceremony, and prizes hand grown, carefully crafted tea leaves which yield a form of striking spirituality and presence. 

One of the more notable tea ceremonies in China occurs for weddings, and has become one of the most significant traditions of the wedding itself. In this Wedding Tea Ceremony, which typically occurs at the home of the bride or groom, the couple pays their respects to the elders of their family - mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles - and the family in return offers their blessing to the marriage. It symbolizes a welcoming into the family, and a consummation of the union, with the respected elders receiving the new family member through receiving this tea. 

The time and space for this ceremony to occur, however, can vary. It can be held outdoors at a beautiful park, include all of the wedding guests as well, and can be both simple or elaborate, with striking decorations, lanterns and table settings. Traditionally, the eldest as well as the groom’s family are served first, but sometimes alternation between the families does occur. Often the ceremony is done kneeling on the ground, either on top of ornate pillows or in a more subtle fashion.

Diamonds are a Wedding’s Best Friend

Revered and sought after, Diamonds are a gemstone staple of weddings around the world. Their aura is one that inspires commitment and evokes celebrations of love! From engagement rings to adornments, this crystalline gem symbolizes purity and connection. 

Our Magic Hour Diamond Gemstone Wellness blend is the perfect accompaniment for your own celebratory wedding tea ceremony, or made into a non-alcoholic spritzer for any summer celebration. This delicate blend brings a beautiful alchemy of Silver Needle White Tea buds, Strawberries, and Jasmine flowers to create a flavor profile akin to White Champagne with Strawberries, for beautiful skin and a beautiful heart. 

Whether you’re celebrating your own wedding this season, the marriage of a friend or loved one, or simply want to integrate more ceremonies of connection into your life, may you sip with joy and an open heart, evoking greater love, peace and intention, within each sacred moment. Cheers to you!

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