Explore The Extraordinary Essence Of Lotus Mind

Our January Box is truly something to behold and this month’s tea, Lotus Mind is both beautiful to brew and exquisite to sip on. 

Its unique alchemy combines rare and sacred Silver Moon white tea buds, with a blend of Gotu Kola, French Lavender, Butterfly Pea flower, Jasmine flowers and a touch of Asian Pear. But let’s dive into the nitty gritty of some of these herbs!

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is an herbaceous plant ally, sometimes called “the herb of longevity”! It is a staple in eastern medicine and can enhance brain function (hello, Crown chakra!) as well as boost liver and kidney health.

Our January box has an Astrological theme, and aligns with the Crown chakra, which signifies the amplification of our consciousness and our connections to the divine elements of the cosmos. Gotu Kola is the perfect pairing to really tune in to these energies and create spaciousness and expansion within. From strengthening memory and nerve function, alleviating anxiety and stress, as well as easing insomnia and depression, Gotu Kola is a fantastic tonic for supporting your mental clarity and strengthening the aura of your crown chakra.

Butterfly Pea Flower

This South Asian staple steeps a brilliant indigo hue and brings calm and ease with every cup. Research has shown that it can actually work directly with your neurotransmitters to induce relaxation for both your heart and mind and improve cognitive function. Its properties include polyphenols, anthocyanins, and flavonoids, which are micronutrients that support everything from digestion to strengthening our physiology against dis-ease. This blue beauty is also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and nourishes your skin from within! Talk about beauty AND benefits. ;)

Lavender and Jasmine

When you think of calming, fragrant flowers, don’t these two budding babes come to mind? We’ve included them in Lotus Mind for an extra splash of sweetness and soothe. Lavender and Jasmine will encourage the flowers of your heart and mind to open and blossom with brilliance.

Lotus Mind is one of our most exciting combinations to date -- both for the marvelous experience it brings when brewed and the sacred combination of consciousness-expanding herbs and flowers it includes. May you sip it in ceremony and connect with the cosmic forces that swirl within your cup, within your heart, and out into the farthest expanses of the universe.