Introducing our Radiant Moon Box, featuring Blueberry Lavender Moon - Magic Hour

Introducing our Radiant Moon Box, featuring Blueberry Lavender Moon

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Hello, Dear Ones, welcome to August, and the beginning of a brand new collection! We’re beyond thrilled to share this truly incredible journey with you. Zhena has spent the last year drawing from her lifetime of study in tea and herbalism, flower power and aromatherapy, and combined it all into these exquisite, luxurious and nourishing Blue Moon Beauty Teas. This blue-tea-ful series aligns with the celestial Moon Phases, and is alchemically created to support your true beauty, your inner beauty, which radiates outward from your being into the world.   

These are our most complex and potent Magic Hour tea blends yet, amplified by the use of organic Butterfly Pea Flower which is an exceptional beautifier that supports collagen production and women's health. In this collection you'll find medicinal honeysuckle flowers, antioxidant rich persimmons, organic silver needle white tea buds, and we introduce you to PURPLE tea, which is a new cultivar of the tea plant, boasting the highest antioxidant levels of any other tea! 

Introducing Blueberry Lavender Moon:

We begin with a truly one-of-a-kind blend, Blueberry Lavender Moon, which features Purple Tea! If you’ve never experienced purple tea before, you are in for a treat. This blend is smooth tasting like an oolong, akin to our Ti Quan Yin Oolong, with notes of ripe blueberry and fresh, wild lavender, and almost double the antioxidants from other types of tea. The purple tea varietal we include is from Kenya, and is an incredible source of healing and purifying for skin, digestion, circulation and more. Purple tea was originally discovered in India and later taken to Kenya for cultivation, which now leads as the largest producer of purple tea in the world.

Purple Tea is lighter than black tea but not quite as vegetal tasting as green tea. It is very high in anthocyanins, the beneficial antioxidant-rich flavonoids found in blueberries, eggplant, purple grapes and other blue, purple or dark red foods, giving them their color. Purple tea is low in caffeine (less than green tea, slightly more than white tea), sitting at around 20mg per cup. The anthocyanins in purple tea can also help lower inflammation and reduce free radicals, which cause oxidative stress and can damage our cells and result in illness.

We alchemize this luxurious Purple leaf tea with Organic Blueberry, Organic Lavender, Licorice Root, Butterfly Pea Flower, and Natural Blueberry Extract to create the most heavenly aroma and taste, with every cup. Inside our Radiant Moon Box for August, you’ll also receive a mystical wisdom-packed teaching video from our August Magician and our dear friend, Tammeri Ater-Ntonni, certified Astrologer and Reiki Energy Healer. And our bonus gift is a beautiful journal for you to write, create and muse in, in a surprise of 1 of 3 different styles! 

Our August Teacher and Astrologer Extraordinaire, Tamerri Ater-Ntonni

Tamerri Ater-Ntonni

Tamerri is a certified professional astrologer and modern mystic who empowers people to believe in their own magic so they can create the life of their dreams. Her vision is an inspired world where people live their purpose, experience inner peace and are the source of their own joy. She is the owner and Founder of AstroFashionista, LLC, whose mission is to encourage and empower people to create prosperity in every area of their lives by using the ancient gift of astrology.

With 15 years of experience studying astrology and divination, Tamerri has advised hundreds of clients on how to make their dreams a reality. Through her work she is able to use her clients’ natal chart – a snapshot of their soul’s destiny, to help them “know thyself”, find their life purpose/career path, improve their relationships, attract their ideal partner, and more!

A lover of fashion and beauty, Tamerri used the power of astrology to help guide her career advancements as a Senior Product Development Director/Global Marketing Professional for multi-billion dollar corporations Versed Skincare, Hearst Magazines (Marie Claire),  Unilever Prestige (Murad & Dermalogica), and Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. 

Tamerri was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and has a BA in Television Production from Loyola Marymount University. She received her Fundamentals of Natal Astrology Certification from Kepler College,  is a member of the International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR), a Certified Angel Card Reader™ and a Reiki Level II practitioner.  Tamerri is also a consultant for The Spicy Life Inc., A Relationship Consulting Firm. 

You can learn more about Tamerri and her powerful work here

You Blue Moon Beauty Ritual

Like the moon, you are beautiful in all your unique phases. Beauty is defined by the joy in your heart. When the joy in your heart permeates everything else, you are timeless, elegant, purposeful, passion-filled and beautiful, inside and out. Recite these mantras anytime you want to evoke and expand into your vast inner radiance and beauty.

Journey, sacred heart, 

with all the phases of the moon.

Be new, be full,

wane and renew,

and most of all 

be beautifully you.

I Am Healthy

I Am Strong

I Am Resilient

I Am Calm

I Am Beautiful


To Brew: steep 1-2 heaping teaspoons in freshly boiled spring or filtered water which is cooled to 170-180 degrees for around 3 minutes.

As the moon grows fuller each night, sip this potion to grow bright. Your light is a bounty, your creativity is fertile, and this phase finds you ripe and ready to take flight.

May you relish all the elements found within your divine, precious being. And may these teas guide you to remember your majesty and bountiful beauty, within and without.

Full + New Moon Dates for August

New Moon: Sunday, August 8th

First Quarter: Sunday, August 15th

Full Moon: Sunday, August 22nd 

Last Quarter: Monday, August 30th

We can’t wait for you to experience our luxurious Blue Moon Beauty Collection, beginning with Blueberry Lavender Moon, as well as the potent wisdom and mysticism of Tamerri Ater-Ntonni. Happy sipping!

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