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Birthstone Jewels of Wellness Mini Gift Set - Birthstone Gem Wellness Tea in Violet Glass Traveler Jar & Opalite Moon Tea Strainer

Jewel-hued Steeps: Give the Gift of Gemstone Wellness

The Jewels of Wellness Gift Set combines the bright, bold & flavorful powers of herbs and botanicals blended for your wellness. Each blend steeps the hue of the birthstone for a gift that's not only personal, but divinely delicious! Each blend delivers the wellness benefits of the rainbow through magical herbs, spices, flowers and rare teas. 

Each gift set includes your choice of Gemstone Wellness Tea in a Violet Glass Apothecary Jar by Birth Month & an Emerald Star Tea Strainer. 

This gift set will arrive in a Magic Hour branded gift box with ribbon.


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