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Virgo New Moon: A Season To Heal & Cleanse

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As we begin a fresh 28 day cycle today with a pristine new moon in the sign of Virgo, we are being asked to look at all of our habits and day-to-day activities to weed out stagnation and begin to draft up our plan for a reboot–it’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf for Fall.

New Moon in Virgo Themes:
  • Renewed Health 
  • Gentle Body Healing
  • Fresh Start In Nutrition & Physical Exercise 
  • Problem Solving
  • Smoothing Out Frustrations
  • Ability to Discern Every Detail
  • Writing & Editing
  • Meditation & Reflection
  • Harmonizing Your Life/Work Balance
The Shadow of Virgo is perfectionism and the tendency to expect others to live up to impossibly high standards. 

Where in your life would you like to uplevel your mind, body & soul healing? It’s best to take the discerning, impeccable energy of Virgo and direct it towards yourself, your work and projects rather than attempting to control and direct others around you.

Because of this new moon’s harsh angle to Saturn (the “taskmaster”) and Mars (aggressive warrior) we will be tested by a crisis in areas of our lives where growth is required. The desire to expand and break through barriers of limitation will be strong during this period, and at the same time we may be beset with delays and road blocks.

Relax into your life and don’t try to push against the tide; this is the time to make those small, yet mighty, tweaks to all of the systems and activities in your life and business that need tending. Be gentle with yourself and others, and everything in your world will flow smoothly through the Fall and Winter seasons.

The 14 Day Ceremonial Tea Cleanse

Join Zhena and a radiant group of tea lovers October 1st-14th for the first ever Magic Hour Ceremonial Tea Cleanse!

If you’d love to jumpstart your body’s natural cycle of detoxification that occurs in the Fall, this cleanse will gently reset your body’s algorithms to adjust to this in-between, transitional time of the year.

Tea’s abundant health benefits range from brain health, detoxifying, mood balance, metabolism-enhancing, anti-aging, anti-anxiety, prebiotic & probiotic digestive help as well as balancing blood sugar and lowering cortisol levels while aiding sleep and relaxation. 

The Mission behind Our Ceremonial Cleanse is to help you learn your Natural Body Algorithms, increase your body intuition & increase your feel-good hormones through calming rituals that allow you to nurture your body-mind & soul. 

You will journey with Zhena as she shows you through daily meditation, self-reflection, habit witnessing, tea ceremony and journaling how to:
+Calm your nervous system
+Balance moods
+Release excess weight 
+Tune into your heart’s language through the Art & Science of Tea. 

You will learn details of each herb and tea for added knowledge and expertise so you can create a natural apothecary to deepen your relationship to the plant world. 
  • You will uncover parts of yourself that may have been silenced long ago.
  • You will learn to live in more alignment with your purpose.  
  • With the guidance of tea ceremony, we will together uncover newfound calm to increase our well-being during a time when the world feels chaotic.
  • We will learn discernment so we can take our attention and time back.
  • We will learn somatic healing techniques to add to our daily peace arsenal.
What you'll receive:
  • 2 weeks of morning meditation + ceremony
  • Evening Ceremony + Review of Day
  • Recorded live and available afterward on your members private cleanse page.
  • Tea Recipes, supplement information & Tea Education 
  • A beautiful PDF workbook to print and use for your journey. 
  • Access to the Ceremonial Cleanse Facebook group 
We will email out all participants a Cleanse Preparation email on September 25th that will include all the information you’ll need for a soulful & healing journey this Fall!

This cleanse will help bring you into a vibration of JOY! Think of it as a Sisterhood Summer Camp in the middle of Fall!

 Click HERE to join the Self-Guided Fall Ceremonial Tea Cleanse. 
Are you already a Club Magic Hour Monthly Subscriber? An email will be sent for you to join the cleanse free of charge.

Learn more about becoming a Club Magic Hour Member and all of the benefits, HERE.

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