Celebrating Our Future Garden Space!

On this beautiful Fall Equinox day ...

We are celebrating that we can buy this empty lot of land next to the Magic Hour tea studio in Ojai. We are going to "kiss the ground" and regenerate the soil, get water onto the land, plant a pollinator garden & a medicinal tea garden ... and hopefully if the city and county will smile upon us, add an eco atrium ceremonial tea house to honor our community.

Our vision for this magical medicinal garden & ceremonial tea space match our mission: to connect the world through tea ceremony, bridge divides, create compassionate conversations and facilitate self-care for all on a daily basis.

At our Team Magic Hour lunch meeting yesterday, we visualized our new creation ... we all put our hands in the dirt and envisioned it coming back to life with herbs, bees & butterflies! {Photo by Sage Tate}

group of people

I'm beyond excited to tell you more about this little piece of heaven–I've seen this in my mind & felt it in my heart for a long time coming! I have amazing angelic beings in my life helping me bring this vision into manifestation and I'm filled with joy and gratitude unbounded.

With love,


Magic Hour Founder & Mistress of Ceremonies