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A Guest Article by Gwynne Warner.

Mercury Retrograde began on October 13, 2020. Because Mercury is a planet that affects data, travel, communications, contracts, technology details, and information, its backward journey three times a year can have a great disruptive influence on the easy flow and harmony in your life.

However, since moving forward feels so difficult, the blessing is that it’s an incredible opportunity for reflection and assessing your heart-felt priorities!

Here’s some Feng Shui wisdom to help mitigate some of the astrological “Heavenly” affects…
  • Honor the Tao and go with the flow!
  • Lighten up! Downsize, de-clutter, simplify. Release what no longer serves you—emotionally, mentally and physically. If you experience frustrations, clap loudly and rhythmically or use bells to intentionally clear obstacles, clutter, energy drains, mind-sets or habits.
  • Review. Reflect. Recharge. Restore. Restart. Retreat. Restore. Release. Renew. Reframe. Recreate. Replenish.
  • If you feel anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed or frustrated, get centered and grounded with more sleep, meditation, deep breathing and spend time in nature. Keep up with your spiritual practices. Consult the oracle if you need guidance.
  • Tend to the mundane energies. Run your anti-virus programs and back up your work on your computer and electronics. Triple-check your details for contracts, travel, reservations, appointments and communications. Bring your car to tip-top shape-- oil changed, tires checked and so on. Get tracking numbers for packages.
  • Don’t assume. But also don’t take things personally (emotionally or energetically).
  • Complete any unfinished projects and to-do lists including financial matters. Avoid making any major purchases but especially cars, computers or electronics. If you need to, get a warranty. Avoid signing contracts, if possible. If you’re going to list a house for sale, make sure you do every single Feng Shui cure and ceremony (I can help you with this).
  • Do frequent space cleansings for your home, business and car. With open windows and all the lights on, ring chimes, bells or tingshas. Then burn sandalwood incense or smudge visualizing all negative, stagnant or stuck energies leaving the space.
  • Avoid doing anything important on a taboo day or a clash day for your personal Chinese Zodiac Animal sign. Make sure to sign all contracts in red ink with an upward slanting signature on an auspicious contract day from the Chinese almanac (be in touch if you wish to order your clash days).
  • Hang a 40 or 50mm genuine leaded (NOT glass or plastic!) clear faceted crystal sphere above your computer . Do the same from the rear-view mirror of your car visualizing spiritual light protecting you and all drivers as well as protecting the car (be in touch if you wish to order).
  • Place a small container of sea salt with a few drops of sweet orange or kaffir lime essential oil next to your computer (I put mine in a small, stylish white Zen-style bowl) and toss out at the end of the retrograde (November 3rd, 2020).

Blessings for your renewing, replenishing and restoring!

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