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Full "Blue" Moon in Taurus: A Time Be Still & Empty.

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“In the day there is but one light; in the night there are many.”

Source Unknown 

Full moons are about the closing out of a cycle, celebrating the results of our work and integrating wisdom that we have gained. Just like a full cup of tea, the fullness of the moon reminds us to be grateful for the good fortune in our lives, and that it’s time to empty ourselves so there’s room to be filled with new energy.

This weekend, with a full moon in the stable Earth sign of Taurus, conjunct (aligned with) revisionist, rule-breaker Uranus, we find ourselves standing at a crossroads. We are being called to empty and be still to rebalance and prepare for a new story that is emerging. 

This story is inclusive and it’s about embracing something that is bigger than ourselves. This full moon is also called “blue” because it is the second full moon in a one month period. On top of this intense lunar energy we have both Mercury and Mars in retrograde: Mercury retrograde has made communication and clear thinking difficult and Mars retrograde is like trying to roll a boulder uphill, over and over again.

It’s time to look at how (collectively & individually) we have continued to repeat the same old strategies with the same lackluster results over and over. Falling back on the wisdom of the past will not serve us now. 

The unknown is beckoning. A new way, a new path; literally a new realm is inviting us to break from past beliefs about the world and ourselves!

The themes for this lunation are:



Quantum Leap.


Integrating the light and the shadow.

Humanity can now join hands and look across this great divide, knowing that we can cross over and take a quantum leap into a new world.

At the same time, we are facing the shadow: collective fear and the anger of thousands of years of repression that have been kept in the shadows is now seeking a voice and to be heard.

We gather as many lights and become one heart when we remember to be still and present.

Grounding into our senses through tea ceremony is one simple and deeply profound practice to become empty and still during this full moon in Taurus. Sensory perception will be heightened as well because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty & sensuality!

As you make a cup of tea in honor of this full moon, infuse it with your intention to simply be and fulfill your purpose with joy. 

You are part of a bigger, unfolding story of humanity and are being called to become a clear instrument through which Divinity can shine! 

You are not ALONE–we are “all-one.”

Breathe deeply as you sip your tea and relax into the truth of who you are in this moment–a precious Star.

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