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Encanted Echinacea : The Actual Healing Efficacy

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Echinacea has an ages old history of use by Native Americans in the Great Plains region of the United States.

Before we list the numerous ways echinacea was used in the United States by Native Americans–long before it was brought to Europe, where it is widely used to this day–it is imperative to note that this plant was harvested in only the most sacred ways; for it was believed that only the most powerful plants had actual healing efficacy. For example, plants must be collected in the the morning and specific prayers must be said over them so that they would have the power to heal.

The Cheyenne, Choctaw, Dakota, Delaware, Fox Kiowa, Ponca, Sioux, Winnebago are all documented as tribes who used Echinacea Purpurea (the variety used in Symbeeosis Immunitea) as far back as the 17th century. The roots and flowers were either made into an infusion or chewed raw for pain relief, coughs and sore throats, fevers, smallpox, mumps, measles, rheumatism, and arthritis. Notably, echinacea was also widely used by many tribes as an antidote for snake venoms!

At Magic Hour, Zhena prays over the teas as she mixes and blends them. This raises the vibration of the teas so that when they come to your door and are poured in your cup, you can be sure that there is love & healing to be found in each sip that goes beyond just the "physical" health benefits.

Modern scientific research shows that echinacea has the ability to raise resistance to bacterial & viral infections by stimulating the immune system. It is also antibiotic & helps to relieve allergies. 

And, last but definitely not least, Echinacea produces pollen and nectar for Honeybees, Bumblebees and Butterflies. This gorgeous perennial attracts pollinators with its large landing pad of a head and deep-pinkinsh purple petals.

We all have an integral part to play in helping bee and other pollinators stay healthy and plentiful on our planet–without them we would not survive. When you purchase our Magic Hour Bee Well Box know that proceeds go to Bee Cause Project to help save the bees: 

"We are dedicated to educating children and adults about the important role bees play as pollinators of our food. As an integral part of our ecosystem and facing an abundance of threats in our evolving world, bees need all the help we can give them. Acts big and small can have a positive impact on the bees and their future – start a beehive, avoid pesticides, plant diverse flowering species, support local beekeepers."

When you first open and peek inside your bag or jar of Symbeeosis Immunitea, you'll notice first the enchanting & earthy scent of echinacea mingling with the floral aromas of jasmine, chamomile, lavender and hibiscus! Zhena also added strawberries to this blend to pack with even more antioxidant power and uplift the scent & flavor to epic proportions!

Subscribe to one of our Club Magic Hour Monthly Memberships and receive Symbeeosis Immunitea in our September Bee Well Box, with two options: Ongoing Month-to-Month (pause at any time) or 3-Month Membership.

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