The 5 Best Teas for a Sore Throat

Cold and flu season is creeping up on us and the best way to soothe a sore achy throat and aid our body’s recovery can be as simple as a spot of tea. Not only do certain teas and herbs have antiviral properties, but getting in those extra fluids while sick is crucial to a speedy recovery.

Here are the 5 best teas for soothing a sore throat:

Marshmallow Root- Gut & Esophagus Healer
Marshmallow root is celebrated for soothing sore throats by creating a protective coating on the lining of the esophagus & digestive tract. It relieves irritation and swelling, a 2019 study proved marshmallow root offers relief from respiratory conditions.

Quintessence: Tea for the Throat Chakra



Green Tea- Nature’s Powerful anti-viral
The powerful catechins in Green Tea possess anti-inflammatory effects that can help reduce the discomfort of a sore throat, as well as boost immune system function for speedy recovery from illness.

Symbeeosis: Immunity-Boosting Green Tea Blend


Ginger- Circulation Helper
Ginger blocks the pro-inflammatory proteins in the body which can reduce inflammation and quell pain associated with sore throat.

Salutation: Ginger-Turmeric-Pineapple Green Tea



Turmeric-nature’s strongest anti-inflammatory
Turmeric is prized for its antiseptic properties, and high antioxidants, and cleanses the liver, boosts immunity and protects you from bacteria, viruses and icky ex-husbands (jk).

Lucid Dreams: Turmeric-Tulsi Herbal Tea


Lemongrass- anti-viral magic
Lemongrass is often used as a home remedy for sore throat due to its antiseptic properties. It’s known to relieve pain, and certain compontents found in lemongrass increase sweating, which reduces fevers and effectively flushes toxins from your system.

Citrine Cleanse: Lemongrass-Turmeric Detox Tea