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Pink Tourmaline for Breast Health and an Open Heart

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It’s October and this month is dedicated to heart and breast health and awareness. Our October Gemstone RoyalTEA, Pink Tourmaline for Breast Health, was intentionally and specially crafted to spread more awareness, love, healing, and emotional support one cup at a time. 

Opening the heart and clearing that which blocks us from loving fully, completely, and wholly is our charge and daily quest. As women, it is easy (and even second nature) to hold and carry our hurts, pain, fear, trauma, and attachments in our hearts and lungs, thus compromising our ability to receive and give love, nurturing, generosity, support, and inspiration. Over time, if those emotions aren’t given space to breathe, be acknowledged, and transmuted, they manifest as dis-ease, discomfort, and dissonance in the body temple. 

How do we give space and room for the emotions to express freely without judgment, comparison, guilt, and shame? Through our rituals and ceremonies. Through our practices of self-love, self-care, self-acknowledgment, and self-investment. Through a cup of tea. Pink Tourmaline for Breast Health is a beautiful place to start in the journey of reclaiming our health, reclaiming our love – how we give love and receive love – reclaiming our will and resolve, and reclaiming our time, attention, and intention for ourselves.

A blend of wealth through women’s wellness

It is amazing what all a cup of tea unlocks and reveals … it unlocks the healing. And Pink Tourmaline for Breast Health is packed with herbs and ingredients that help to align and support the body temple in achieving and maintaining optimum health, a strengthened immune system, and increased energy levels. Pink Tourmaline for Breast Health is blended with all organic white tea, dragonfruit, shisandra berry, shatavari, gingko biloba, organic black currant, mango, and echinacea. 

First, the Fujian white tea pearls. White tea is the purest form of tea leaves and has been shown to support collagen production, balance blood sugar levels, and improve digestion. Packed with antioxidants, white tea is said to bolster the immune system. It is an ally in heart health, assisting with lowering bad cholesterol levels and strengthening blood vessels. 

Gingko biloba according to studies, has been used with breast cancer patients undergoing treatment with Tamoxifen. It has been reported that gingko biloba fights against inflammation and helps increase estrogen production in menopausal women. 

Shatavari, an ayurvedic powerhouse, is an adaptogenic herb that helps minimize the effects of stress. It is a staple in ayurvedic medicine and is linked specifically to women’s reproductive health – from menstruation to menopause. 

Both black currant and mango are potent antioxidants that are full of Vitamin C for heightened immunity. The rich dark color of black currants is said to reduce oxidative stress and cell damage, and it contains soluble and insoluble fiber – both crucial for healthy digestive function. 

Echinacea rounds this blend out, providing additional support to the immune system. 

It’s no coincidence that this tea has been paired with pink tourmaline, the gemstone for the month of October and one of the most powerful, healing, and grounding of the heart chakra stones. Tourmaline is regarded as a major stone of protection that takes on different properties depending on its color. 

The soft, pink hue of tourmaline emits compassion and feminine strength, reminding us that there is fortitude and power in the softness. Pink tourmaline is also a stone of inspiration, breathing life into our closest relationships, especially the relationship with self. It is an excellent companion for healers and counselors as it serves as a conduit that facilitates improved listening, wisdom, and understanding. It emits a frequency of unconditional love and humanitarianism. Pink tourmaline’s calming and soothing essence makes it a powerful tool to work with, especially for anyone seeking to balance out discordant and lower-vibrational emotions.

Pink Tourmaline for Breast Health was created and crafted from a space of heart, love, and with the intention that anyone experiencing this blend will remember their capacity and ability to love powerfully and heal brilliantly – beyond limitation and fear. As you sip this blend, may you feel and be reminded that wholeness is your truest and purest nature. May each steep reflect to you your ability to deepen your loving, your compassion, and your awareness of your magnificent and indomitable spirit. 


Written by DeAnna Carpenter

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