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Sapphire Adaptogenic Plum-Spice White Tea for Creativity, Beautiful Skin, and Calm Energy

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 Tea: Sapphire Adaptogenic Plum-Spice White Tea for Creativity, Beautiful Skin, and Calm Energy

Gemstone: Blue Sapphire


You’re stronger than you know and may remember. You’re wiser than you may know or remember. And Sapphire, with its faceted luminosity, comes blazing into your life to help you remember just that. This is part of the magic of Sapphire – it helps you to connect to, bring forward, and activate the dormant strength, power, and wisdom that is nestled within you. When Sapphire comes onto your path, you can rest assured that more of your spiritual gifts and powers are beckoning to be revealed and expressed. When Sapphire comes into your life, it brings with it a message: Don’t forget your strength. 

Sapphire resonates with, opens, and activates the Third Eye Chakra for intuition, vision, and inner resolve. Its rich blue hue evokes mysticism, and this gem connects you to all things mind, psychic, and extrasensory. Sapphire enhances and supports the development of the “clair” gifts, specifically clairvoyance. A stone of wisdom, sapphire aides you in burning through the veils of illusion and ignorance, revealing what’s true, pure, and purposeful. Sapphire reminds you to see things from a higher perspective, for it is there that you can make a more informed and harmonious decision.

Revered and regarded as a stone of royalty, sapphire was worn by royals, the elite, and those in high leadership, signaling their status, stature, and knowledge. In ancient lore, it was believed that Sapphire’s color symbolized the sky, thus making it a symbol of the heavens, higher dimensions, and divinity. Although Sapphire is a September birthstone, it is also associated with Saturn, the planet of discipline, structure, and responsibility. As such, sapphire is a great stone to work with as you embrace and step more into your authority and when creating the foundation and boundaries that will assist the cultivation of your goals (and especially if Saturn is heavily present in your birth chart). 

More of Sapphire’s metaphysical properties include:

  • Self-awareness, self-realization, and self-mastery 
  • Increased psychic abilities and prowess
  • Deepened meditation and visualization
  • Focuses and soothes an overactive mind
  • Nurtures spiritual gifts
  • Powerful aid for channeling and receiving information from higher dimensions and realms


Sapphire comes in different colors, each with its own meaning and yet, what is consistent across all expressions of sapphire is the quality of strength: The strength of your mind, the strength of your soul, the strength of your heart. Strength comes from an awareness of oneself and the ability to XXX. The greatest sign (and show) of strength is love, and sapphire exudes this. This is likely why sapphire is just as common in engagement and wedding rings as diamonds – it symbolizes fidelity, truth, and love – all qualities that support relationships and ensure that one’s closest and most meaningful relations stand the tests and challenges of time.  

Sapphire Adaptogenic Plum-Spice White Tea for Creativity, Beautiful Skin, and Calm Energy is dedicated to this powerhouse crystal, and what a royal, refreshing, and revealing blend it is. With ingredients that include organic silver needle, organic apple, organic orange peel, organic ashwagandha, organic lemongrass, butterfly pea flower, papaya fruit, natural plum, cinnamon flavor extracts, and other natural flavors, is a sweet, calming yet invigorating, and nurturing blend that is perfect for transitioning from the summer months into the fall. 


Written by DeAnna L. Carpenter

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