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Diamond, our White Champagne & Strawberry Jasmine Tea for Beautiful Skin

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We are overjoyed to share our next Gemstone Wellness Blend with you - DiamondThis blend alchemizes pristine Organic Silver Needle white tea buds, which are truly the diamonds of the tea plant, carefully processed with the utmost care, akin to a diamond cutter. Sipping this tea imparts the effect of wearing diamonds—purifying thoughts, alleviating fear and empowering you to shine, glitter and reflect the light of your infinitely bright soul. 

Let's explore more of its qualiteas.

Gemstone Guidance

Diamonds are one of the most well-known and sought after gemstones, and often one we think about when musing on love (as well as engagements, weddings, commitment and ceremony). Pure and precious, they are also the strongest gem on planet earth! And Venus, the planet of Love and Emotion, Beauty and Grace rules the sacred energy of this powerful stone.

Crystalline in its quality and sparkling to our sight, nothing compares to the delight of a ravishing Diamond. Made completely of carbon, they are actually known as a Crystal of Light. Acting almost like a prism, this spiritual stone amplifies our inner illumination and stimulates creativity, imagination and new possibilities.  

Wellness Benefits

* Organic Silver Needle White Tea buds are the rarest and most prized white tea buds in the world. They are also the least processed of all teas and thus the highest in antioxidants. Cooling on the system, white tea helps to calm moods, nourish our heart, soothe inflammation, boost metabolism, enhance oral health, and aid digestion, and its low caffeine content allows it to be sipped throughout your day.

* Juicy and jammy, tart and sweet, Strawberry adds a luxuriously fruity note to this blend. Rich with vitamin C, manganese and a wealth of antioxidants, Strawberries support heart health, help lower oxidative stress, can reduce inflammation, nourish our blood and lower “bad” (LDL) cholesterol levels.

* Jasmine is known as the “scent of God”, and its delicate aroma transports you straight to the heavens. This antioxidant-rich flower can also help fight free radicals, while reducing stress and heightening mood. Jasmine’s high polyphenol content can support heart health, aid in weight loss and nourish our digestive tract, boost brain function and even improve oral health.

* Lemon Myrtle is a flavorful and refreshing herb with antiviral properties, supporting a healthy immune system. It is also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich and filled with nourishing minerals such as zinc and magnesium, as well as vitamins A and E for strengthening our overall vitality.

Radiant Steeping

We hope you adore Diamond, a blend evoking strength and vitality in every cup.

As our beloved RoyalTea Member or Spring Gemstone Wellness Journey Subscriber, you can also enjoy a free gift this month of a Yellow Jade Gold Star Tea Strainer, included with each box. Yellow Jade is another precious stone that evokes self-confidence, courage and abundance. Your cup truly overfloweth with this month's subscription box. 

Watch below as Zhena shares more about this beautiful, antioxidant-rich blend ~ to help you make Magic Hour your new Happy Hour.

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