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Butterfly Pea Flower: The Secret To Glowing Skin

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Even if you have never had butterfly pea flower tea before, you may have heard of it somewhere. The butterfly pea flower is most known for its brilliant blue color, which is often used in drinks, skin care products and herbal teas. It has also gained popularity in recent years as a super ingredient for skin care and many other health benefits.

In this article, we share with you some of the benefits of butterfly pea flower tea when it comes to achieving healthy, glowing skin!

About Butterfly Pea Flower

The butterfly pea is native to Asia, and it can be recognized by the striking color of its flowers. It is rich in antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins, which is also what gives the flowers their unique color. Because of this, the butterfly pea flower is often used as a natural dye for food and beverages.

They are also commonly brewed into teas alongside other ingredients such as lemon and honey. This is not only for their vibrant color but also for the health benefits they bring.

Boost the Health of Your Skin and Hair

Butterfly Pea Flower is used in many different types of skin and hair care products on the market, from serums to shampoos. This is thanks to its hydrating properties, which can restore moisture to the skin after topical application. It is also associated with increased hair growth.

Most importantly, the high antioxidant levels of the butterfly pea flower can promote the health of your skin and hair, whether you choose to apply it topically or drink it as a herbal tea!

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Having a too-high or too-low blood sugar level can cause the skin to take on an unhealthy sheen. The good news is that butterfly pea flower tea can help to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Its antioxidant properties may also come with the potential to protect against cell damage and other diabetes-related complications.

Aid in Weight Loss

If you are carrying more weight than is healthy for your body, you may notice that your skin starts to increase its sebum production, resulting in oilier skin and more breakouts. Did you know that butterfly pea flower tea may aid in your weight loss efforts, and therefore, your skin health?

Studies indicate that butterfly pea flower extract may help to slow down the formation of fat cells in the body. Although more research is needed in this area, it can do no harm in your weight loss journey and its many other health benefits still stand.

Get Your Butterfly Pea Flower Teas from Magic Hour

Looking to start reaping the benefits of butterfly pea flower tea? If so, start browsing our online shop at Magic Hour and find the products you are looking for today. Our Beautifying Immunitea comes with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties to boost your overall wellness. Or you may choose to get our organic butterfly peaflower from Thailand, which is a natural beauty enhancer and memory booster.

Learn More About Butterfly Pea Flower with Magic Hour's Founder & Master Tea Blender, Zhena! 


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