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5 Magical Benefits of Rooibos Tea

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Rooibos tea, commonly referred to as red bush tea and African red tea, is made from Aspalathus linearis plant leaves. Translated to "red bush," rooibos refers to the rooibos tea's deep, red color. A daily cup of rooibos tea benefits your health in several ways. 

Like other teas, the Aspalathus linearis plant is indigenous to South Africa and has a substantial polyphenol content, which provides a variety of health benefits. The Western Cape province of South Africa's hilly Cederberg region is where Rooibos is typically farmed. Red and green rooibos tea are the two types available. Red rooibos tea, which goes through oxidation, has an oolong and black tea-like flavor. Unoxidized green rooibos tea, on the other hand, has a flavor profile resembling that of green tea. 

No matter the type, however, drinking rooibos tea can benefit you and your body in five major ways.

Enhances the Skin

Alpha hydroxy acid, one of the key components in skin treatments like chemical peels that you can have at your dermatologist's office, is naturally found in Rooibos tea. Alpha hydroxy acid, which is uncommon in most foods, can help with your skincare routine and lessen wrinkles by drinking rooibos tea.

Drinking rooibos tea showed roughly a 10% improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in participants in a 28-day clinical study. Rooibos tea also has a calming effect that lessens irritability and redness, resulting in skin that is more evenly toned. Additionally, zinc, which can help relieve common skin issues like eczema and acne, can also be found in this tea. 

Strengthens Immunity

Your immune system may benefit from drinking Rooibos tea as well. This tea is packed with nutrients that support immune function and protect against viruses that could make you ill. Rooibos may be useful in helping the body remove germs that cause upset stomachs. For instance, the aromatic Rise & Shine Rooibos chaga chocolate herbal tea is an adaptogenic wellness tea that builds your immune system and detoxifies and energizes your body. 

Relieves Pain

The anti-inflammatory antioxidants within rooibos tea help lessen inflammation and the sensation of pain and discomfort. By triggering potassium ions all over the body, the anti-spasmodic chemicals in rooibos tea can also help reduce abdominal pain like stomach cramps.  

Enhances Bone Development and Strength 

Rooibos tea contains minerals including calcium, manganese, and fluoride that support the development of healthy bones, just as many genuine teas do. The osteoblast cells, which are in charge of generating robust bone mass, become more active as a result of these minerals.

Even though many teas have these vital minerals that help ensure healthy bones and prevent conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis, rooibos also has two additional elements that are even more advantageous to bone health. It has been demonstrated that the rooibos flavonoids luteolin and orientin may be able to raise the mineral content of bones.

Improves Digestion

Many Americans experience digestive issues. Though the rising prevalence of ailments including Celiac disease, acid reflux, and persistent upset stomachs shows no indication of stopping, tea consumption has been discovered to be an effective remedy.

In particular, the numerous antispasmodic minerals found in rooibos tea help to avoid stomach aches.

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