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4 Reasons Black Tea is the Best Cold Remedy

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The most irritating infections and conditions are those that cause a dry, scratchy throat and a runny nose. When you get a cold, the headache and irritation may worsen. For those who dislike taking medications, fortunately, you can get rid of those bothersome cold symptoms by drinking natural brews! One drink that is good for colds is black tea as it helps to relieve cold and cough symptoms as well as aids in throat clearing and reduces runny noses. Why is black tea good for a cold? Read on to find out!

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Black tea has anti-inflammatory qualities that aid to reduce throat inflammation brought on by a cold. The discomfort and dryness in the throat are brought on by inflammation. Hence, whether you have a throat infection or cold, black tea is a healthy beverage to consume. If you have a cold or a cough, drinking a hot cup of black tea twice a day is enough to get immediate relief.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B increases our system's immunity. Black tea, fortunately, is a fantastic source of vitamin B. It can give our bodies the vitamin B they need to strengthen their immune systems. To combat the viruses that cause colds and coughs, immunity is crucial. So, even if you do not have a cold, have a cup of black tea every day. When you regularly consume black tea, it will help to boost your immunity and keep you healthy!

Anti Viral

Any illness in your body will be healed by a cup of black tea with a hint of lemon. Lemons have antiviral characteristics that aid in eliminating the complete virus population that is present in our bodies. Other health advantages of black tea with lemon also exist. Therefore, when you have a cold, remember to drink tea with lemon as it works well as a cold and cough treatment.

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Flavanoids, theanine, and other antioxidants are abundant in black tea. These antioxidants support our system's immune system by strengthening it. Anti-oxidants also aid in the removal of poisons and undesirable elements from our bodies. Regular consumption of black tea not only helps you recover from colds but also reduces your risk of getting a terrible cold in the future. Consequently, black tea is effective at treating a typical cold. 

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