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Mood Balance Sampler Set

Calm your anxiety, de-stress and uplift your spirit with any of our select Magic Hour mood balancing blends. Perfect for day or night, anytime you need some ease and nourishment.

Each set includes sampler pouches of:

  • GABA Oolong: Tea for Better Moods and Divinity
  • Bohemian Breakfast: Probiotic Puerh Black Tea for Clarity, Energy, and Digestion
  • Almond Matcha: Green Tea for Joy
  • Bliss: Sacred Tulsi Adaptogen Tea
  • Vanilla Earl Grey: Tea for The Lushness of Life
  • Harmonize: Uplifting Bergamot-Rose White Tea
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Organic, Ceremonial Teas Made with Love

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Almond Matcha Ice Blended Latté Recipe

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