Mercury in Retrograde: & Other Ways the Stars Can Teach You

The sun, moon, stars, and other celestial bodies are constantly impacting our lives. They affect our decision making, relationships, communication. They signal change and grant us moments of self-reflection. And, if we let them, they challenge us to grow into the best versions of ourselves.In Mercury in Retrograde, practicing astrologer Rachel Stuart-Haas takes us on a fun and energizing exploration of the astrological phenomena that guide our lives. Unpacking eclipses, retrogrades, the major and minor aspects, asteroids, and moon wisdom, Stuart-Haas teaches readers how to go beyond their zodiac sun sign and natal chart (how the stars were aligned at their birth) and start thinking like a real astrologer to:-Align their energies with the Universe-Time major life decisions to auspicious moments-Improve their relationships, mental health, and well-being-Create meaningful rituals for self-care-And more! Perfect for armchair astrologists, fans of divination, and anyone looking to improve their relationships, mental health, and overall well being, this wise, delightful, and easy-to-read book provides the first step to reclaiming your life and accomplishing all you’ve ever dreamed of.

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