Matcha 1111: Pinnacle Grade Ceremonial Matcha for Experiencing the Infinite



Like spring water kissed by angels, our Matcha 1111 is the highest grade of Ceremonial Matcha reserved for special occasions and for opening the mind to the infinite. 

While most Matcha is grade 200-300, our latest curation is grade 1100, the highest of the Matcha grades. What this imparts on the palate is a pure, sweet and alkaline green flavor with no astringency and the highest amount of L-Theanine, the neuro-protective, bliss-indscing amino acid that creates feelings of a limitless mind and euphoria. 

The Manufacturing process begins with the natural nutrients produced by the Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima, Japan. The volcanic ash and material make Kagoshima prized for having some of the most nutrient-rich soil in the world. The volcanic ash provides the land with plenty of valuable minerals, including iron, magnesium, and potassium and produces large volumes of flavorful, antioxidant-rich, organic Japanese matcha tea leaves. 

Only the best shade-grown green tea leaves based on size, color, shape, and translucency are picked. It is an intense and precise labor practice that ensures the highest quality of matcha you can buy. Our 10th generation tea master then grades the leaves and chooses only the finest to produce this Matcha.

How is this different from our Ceremonial Matcha and our Matcha Kansai? 
Our classic Ceremonial Matcha is from the same region, produced organically and blended to produce a matcha that can be sipped daily yet is higher than the "culinary" grade. The Matcha Kansai is from Kyoto-a different region, and is the result of 3 Matcha growers creating a blend (like a regional wine blend), to create a special-occasion grade Matcha.

This Matcha is reserved for meditation, for Sundays, for very special ceremony. While each is divine, this is a different "feeling" producing a specific, heightened mood in the mind and body. I find this to be a Matcha that opens my mind to Miracles. I use it to manifest, visualize, for tea with my family, and for meetings with my staff at Magic Hour as it heightens our ability to see possibiliteas. 

I was able to secure a small amount of this and am offering it seasonally. It's very exclusive and I purchased enough to bring the price to a reasonable rate for this grade. I hope you enjoy it. Please store the jar in the refrigerator after opening it. (Store all of our Matcha that way!) With all my love, Zhena

Pinnacle Grade 1100, Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea from Kagoshima, Japan