Magnolia Oolong Tea of Sensual Confidence & Sacred Delights


Intoxicating, energizing & uplifting, our Magnificent Magnolia Oolong cradles your senses as it boosts your confidence in your own beauty and sensuality. Sip & savor your authentic, magnificent magic.

Known as white sandalwood, white jade orchid as well as white champaca, Magnolia blooms are a sensual delight known to be an aphrodisiac and confidence booster. In Chinese medicine, Magnolia is used to create movement in blocked "Qi" which is the vital force that flows through our bodies organs creating aliveness. Sip this tea to boost your sensual confidence & unlock any stagnant energy in your vitality. Sip & savor the sacred delight of being alive.

Oolongs are widely studied for their metabolism boosting, energy-enhancing, detoxifying & beautifying wellness benefits. This Magnolia Oolong is a lighter--less oxidized oolong boasts an intoxicating floral scent with a smooth mouth feel and feels like a feather on the palate. Our Magnificent Magnolia Oolong is from Guangdong China which is noted to be the birthplace of Oolong tea.

In Sacred Tantric Ceremonies, the scent and blooms of Magnolias are used to enhance ones feelings of confidence & connection. 


Magnolia Scented Oolong