Magic Hour Crystal Grid: Flower of Life Tea Ceremony Altar



Step into the mystic with our Flower of Life Tea Ceremony Crystal Grid Altar.
Also works beautifully for use with your Magic Hour Amethyst Pendulum-Simply ask a question and see where in the grid the pendulum swings toward.

For use with your crystals, gemstones and found objects, you can create a sacred altar for your tea ceremony. Place your magic items on the grid while setting an intention.

Place your tea cup in the center of the grid and infuse it with a vision of you experiencing what you want to manifest. 

Sip your Tea while naming gratitudes.

*If you are a monthly tea subscriber, you will receive this in the Aquamarine Dream box as your gift!

Handmade, laser cut wooden grid listing the 12-monthly birthstones & their subsequent virtues.
Garnet- Vitality
Amethyst- Clarity
Aquamarine- Peace
Diamond- Illumination
Emerald- Enlightenment
Pearl- Wisdom
Carnelian- Courage
Peridot- Happiness
Sapphire- Faith
Tourmaline- Tranquility
Citrine- Abundance
Turquoise- Self-Confidence