Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls: Tea for Divine Guidance



Organic Young green tea scented with jasmine flowers

Green Tea Health Benefits


 Young green tea leaves are high in L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to be neuro-protective, enhancing clarity & feelings of bliss. High in anti-oxidants, green tea is a precious serum known for helping keep our skin young, our hearts healthy, and our weight in balance.


  Steep 1 tablespoon pearls in 180 degree freshly boiled spring water. As the water unfurls the pearls, the scent of jasmine is released. Watch the pearls open and unfold as you reflect on the divine guidance always at your beck & call.

In Praise of Green Tea

 Green tea is bursting with wellness & variety: sencha, matcha and dragon pearls, to name a few that we have offered and incorporated in our Magic Hour blends.

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We plucked the pearls of each teaching from such luminaries as Anita Moorjani, Colette Baron-Reid, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Michaela Boehm, Jennifer McLean and Justin Michael Williams. Paired with the fragrant Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls: Tea For Divine Guidance, you will transcend worldly concerns and arise to a renewed sense of infinite peace, potential and possibility as the new decade unfolds.

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