Dragon Phoenix Jasmine Pearls: Tea for Divine Guidance


Early spring harvest young green tea buds are gently rolled with night-blooming jasmine over the course of eleven nights in order for the tea to absorb the divine scent of jasmine perfume. Each night tea artisans harvest night-blooming jasmine & lay it gently to rest with the young tea buds. Each morning the tea artisans return to the tea drying room and remove the jasmine flowers, replacing them with fresh jasmine repeatedly until the tea buds have absorbed the pinnacle of jasmine perfume. 

As intoxicating as divine perfume, our Dragon Phoenix Pearls impart a sense of heaven on Earth. Jasmine has been characterized as the scent of God, and as you steep these exquisite pearls and they open to reveal their perfume to you, you will find Divine Guidance is all around you. Sip & linger, steep up to 8 times. 

Young green tea scented with jasmine flowers. This tea is not USDA organic, but EU-compliant conventional which is a stringent standard for purity. The tea is organic, but at times the jasmine flowers used to scent the tea are not certified organic. As with all Magic Hour teas, we only purvey what we ourselves sip & share with our own families. 

Steep 1 tablespoon pearls in 180 degree freshly boiled spring water. As the water unfurls the pearls, the scent of jasmine is released. Watch the pearls open and unfold as you reflect on the divine guidance always at your beck & call. 

Young green tea leaves are high in L-Theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to be neuro-protective, enhancing clarity & feelings of bliss. High in anti-oxidants, green tea is a precious serum known for helping keep our skin young, our hearts healthy, and our weight in balance. 

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