Harmonize White Tea



As you sip this pristine White Yin Zhen silver needle tea infused with lush Rose Petals and mood-elevating Italian Bergamot and tangerine, you’ll find you’re more aligned with your natural inner rhythm & flow.

Silver Needle White Tea from Fujian Province, Rose Buds, Organic Essential Oil of Sicilian Bergamot, Natural Tangerine Flavor Extract

Benefits of White Tea

Our Harmonize white tea is sourced from the finest Organic tea estate and is second only to Your Silver Moon as the rarest & most prized white tea buds in the world. Delicately harvested by hand, each tender tea shoot is carefully dried and tastes of honey and spring rain. From the highest peaks of coastline, each young tea bud is covered in silver down, creating an effervescent flavor profile which is ephemeral & transcendent of earthly concerns.


White tea is the least processed of all teas and thus the highest in antioxidants. Cooling on the system, white tea helps to calm moods, inflammation, and digestion. Known to help collagen production, this tea is used in Asia to help create luminous skin. Nourishing and beautifying, our pure white tea is a balancing tonic to draw the power of the cosmos through the relaxing nature of this elegant tea. Low in caffeine, this tea may be sipped at dawn or dusk. Sweet, fragrant organic Rose Petals deliver a lush bouquet of vitamins A, B, C, and E, enhancing inner and outer glow. Roses are antidepressant, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory, and have been used for centuries to treat coughs, cold, lung congestion and insomnia. Sicilian Bergamot & Tangerine are natural antidepressants and soothe nerves, ease depression, and serve as emissaries of relaxation. 

Global Tradition

Once reserved only for royalty, it is written that this tea was harvested on full moons with Sterling Silver scissors. Research into ancient Chinese history also alludes to the writings that only virgins were once allowed to harvest this particular tea as purity was believed to beget purity. We, of course, think this is amusing :)

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White Tea Sampler Box

Discover our most beloved White Teas in the White Magic Tea Sampler Box. White Teas are known to cool the system, boost immunity and assist production of collagen which beautifies the skin. These are the least processed of all teas and are pristine and fresh tasting.

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