Flavors of Japan Gift Set

Embark on a mystical journey with our Flavors of Japan Gift Set. This curated collection, housed in the exquisite Magic Hour Gift Box, offers a taste of Japan's finest flavors, inviting you to savor each sip and discover moments of tranquility and enlightenment. Let the symphony of tastes transport you to the mystical landscapes of Japan, where tradition and nature merge in harmony.

Queen of Kyoto:Sencha Green Tea from Kyoto, Jasmine Blossoms, Organic Roses, Organic Dried Apricots, Organic Freeze Dried Cherries, Organic Raw Cherry Powder, Natural Flavor Extracts

Matcha 700:Grade 700 Matcha Tea

  • Queen of Kyoto Apothecary Jar
  • Matcha Grade 700 Traveler Jar
  • Matcha Whisk
  • Matcha Scoop
  • Magic Hour Gift Box
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