April 2024 Harvest - Grand Cru First Flush Organic "Spring Wonder" Samabeong Estate Darjeeling STGFOP1

Limited to 124 Packets- A Once a Year Tea Event! 

Nestled in the remote reaches of Darjeeling, Samabeong Tea Garden stands as a testament to revival and biodiversity. Originally named for the black bears that once roamed its forests, Samabeong was rejuvenated by Tea Promoters India in 1990 after years of neglect. Situated at 2000 meters altitude and surrounded by dense forests and rivers, Samabeong fosters a lush environment for tea cultivation. Its teas, renowned for explosive flavor profiles, are a product of the region's unique climate and slow growth conditions.

Offering delicate tippy clonal teas and specialty blends, Samabeong also supports community development through ecotourism initiatives. Recognized for sustainability and exceptional quality, Samabeong celebrates 30 years of partnership with Naturland, a German Organic certifying body. Experience the beauty and resilience of Samabeong Tea Garden—a true gem of Darjeeling.

This tea has been air-freighted for peak freshness.

First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea from the Samabeong Tea Estate

  • Delicate floral aromas
  • Hints of citrus or muscatel
  • Potential subtle earthiness or distinct sweetness from Samabeong's terroir
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First Flush Darjeeling, harvested in spring from the Camellia Sinensis plant's first buds, is a rare delight cherished by tea aficionados. Its light, delicate flavor, marked by floral notes and a crisp astringency, distinguishes it from the heartier second flush. Infused with hues ranging from golden to amber to green, it offers a tantalizing taste reminiscent of lychees with a hint of caramel.

Light, effervescent, floral and silky...After years of fairly disappointing Darjeeling harvests due to climate change, this year's 1st flush Darjeelings are a revelation! A treasure for tea lovers, this tea event of 2024 will be memorable for years to come.

Steep 3g in 200 degree freshly boiled spring water for 2-3 minutes.

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