Kansai-Kyoto Ceremonial Matcha



Zhena's secret stash of Kyoto regional blend of exceptional stoneground Matcha. 

*Smooth as silk 

*Velvety mouth-feel 

*Impeccable balance 

This exceptional matcha is a proprietary blend sourced from the traditional heartland of matcha production: the Kansai region, which encompasses Kyoto prefecture as well as Shiga and Nara. Like a finely blended wine which achieves perfect balance, Magic Hour's new Ceremonial Matcha Kansai will deepen your appreciation for the masterful blending techniques of multiple tea masters focused on perfecting a single tea experience.

Stoneground Pure Green Tea


The most potent of green teas, shade-grown & highest in L-Theanine, antioxidants and immune-boosting polyphenols.


Japanese Tea Ceremony is considered a moving meditation & a glorious ritual of mindfulness, discipline & reverence. This tea honors Sensei Matsamoto who was a living treasure of Japan living in Los Angeles who taught tea ceremony for decades. Zhena was honored to study with her briefly.


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