Blueberry Lavender Mint: Cosmic Garden Iced Tea

This blend offers a refreshing and bright taste experience that's perfect for sunny summer days. With a harmonious fusion of spearmint, lavender flower, and hibiscus, complemented by natural blueberry, lemon, and peppermint flavor extracts, each sip promises to quench your thirst and invigorate your spirit.

Delight in the antioxidant-rich goodness and sugar-free sweetness of this divine iced tea, while enjoying the calming benefits of lavender and the digestive support of mint.

Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Apple, Organic Spearmint, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower, Natural Blueberry, Lemon, & Peppermint Flavor Extracts & Essences, Citric Acid (extracted from citrus fruit), Raw Monk Fruit

  • Fruity: A medley of apple, blueberry, and lemon imparts a fruity sweetness with a zesty citrus undertone.
  • Herbal and Floral: Spearmint, lavender, and hibiscus contribute refreshing herbal and floral notes, offering a delicate balance to the blend.
  • Minty Freshness: The presence of spearmint and peppermint extracts adds a cool, refreshing minty flavor that uplifts the senses.
  • Aids in Stress Reduction
  • Naturally Hydrating
  • Immune Support
  • Antioxidant Rich
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This blend is enhanced with citrus fruit extracted citric acid--this allows the botanicals to steep more quickly than our other Cosmic Garden Cold Steep Iced Teas.

Please note that longer steep times will make the tea stronger so you can reduce tea used if you choose to steep longer.

We invited you to make this a magical ritual and sip this wellness iced tea all summer long!

  1. Measure 1 heaping teaspoon per 8oz water and place into a filter pouch.
  2. Close pouch and place in a glass jar or pitcher with ambient temperature filtered water.
  3. Steep at room temperature for 10 minutes - 1 hour.
  4. Remove filter, sweeten to taste and pour over ice.

Pairs Well With

Magical Botanicals

Green Rooibos

Green rooibos is prized for its antioxidant properties, which help combat oxidative stress and promote overall health. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory effects may aid in reducing inflammation and supporting heart health. With gentle digestive support and potential benefits for skin and bone health, green rooibos is a versatile beverage choice for wellness enthusiasts.


Spearmint offers several health benefits, including its ability to aid digestion and relieve nausea. Its natural compounds, such as menthol, may also help alleviate headaches and promote respiratory health by clearing congestion. Additionally, spearmint's refreshing aroma can uplift mood and reduce stress

Butterfly Pea Flower

Butterfly pea flower is renowned for its rich antioxidant content, which helps combat oxidative stress and supports overall health. Additionally, its vibrant blue hue comes from anthocyanins, which have been linked to improved cognitive function and reduced risk of heart disease.

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