Lavender Mist Candle

A thousand herbs' fragrance, the air did hold, Lavender fields, and roses so bold, In meadows, their blush painted a vibrant scene, Nature's aroma, a kaleidoscope serene.

At the fragrance's head, lavender whispers its peace, A fresh and calming note, worries release. Senses embraced, relaxation's decree, A tranquil essence, putting the mind at ease.

In the heart, lavendin's delicate allure, A complex floral bouquet, emotions secure. Grounding and uplifting, its serenity weaves, A sense of contentment, like a gentle breeze.

And in the soul, tonka bean takes its place, A sweet and warm embrace, a comforting grace. Indulgent and inviting, a base so grand, A lasting and tender hug, like nature's own hand.

Fragrance intertwines, creating a blissful accord, A journey of scents, where emotions are explored. Inhale deeply, let nature's embrace guide, A fragrant symphony, serenity personified.

  • Head - Lavender
  • Heart - Lavendin
  • Soul -
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  • Made in United States
  • 7 oz. / 198 g

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