Mercury Mint Daytime w/ Biodynamic Black Tea

A blend of Mercury-ruled herbs & Biodynamic Black Tea exudes calm & cool no matter what life throws your way! Vanilla teased peppermint is balanced by lavender & jasmine blooms then kissed by tummy soothing fennel & bright black tea. Sip as a breakfast blend or midday for an uplifting & swift pick me up.

Mercury Mint Nighttime: Caffeine-Free

Soothe your soul & nourish your digestion with this caffeine-free Mercury herbal blend. Heady vanilla notes balance bright & bold peppermint while lavender & jasmine blooms calm your nervous system & fennel eases nausea & tummy trouble. Sip as an after-meal treat & let the cosmos take you for a spin.

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Available in the Following Sizes

Violet Glass Apothecary Jars, Luxe Refill Pouches, Violet Glass Traveler Jars, and Luxe Sampler Pouches!

What is Mercury Retrograde?

A Note From Zhena

I’m always like, “Nah, Mercury Retrograde is not real” and then there is a solar-flare level website mess up, or we send an email out with a terrible typo (after 5 proof reads) or my iPhone decides to delete all of my contacts...or I say the wrong thing (not uncommon) but it snowballs into an unexpected drama.And so, I yield to the facts that we are ruled by planetary motion--because we are spinning on a planet after all, aren’t we?I wanted to find a way to stay cool, calm, centered and in good humor for the next Retrograde which of course could be a doozy, and so I created these teas for you and me to weather the cosmic reversal storms, together :).Formulated with Mercury-ruled botanicals and delicious to boot, for those of you who find your foot in your mouth during retrogrades, these are for you!

Love, Z