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Sit Back, Sip Tea & Enjoy Mercury’s Retrograde - Magic Hour

Sit Back, Sip Tea & Enjoy Mercury’s Retrograde

Staff Writer -

What Is Mercury Retrograde? 

Mercury is the God of Thought, Communication, Commerce, Transactions, and Ideas. People with strong Mercury placements in their natal charts are writers, thinkers, and avid information consumers or creators. Retrograde is merely a term for the times when the Messenger God appears to go backwards in its orbit from Earth. It is not back-tracking. You could see it more as a different phase of Mercury, rather than a reversal. 
When Mercury turns Retrograde, dialogues and negotiations can stall. It's a classically poor time to buy tech or put your signature on something. But as Mercury turns Retrograde three times a year, you would never get anything done if you strictly obeyed this protocol. If you can't avoid signing up or laying cash down, do not freak. 
The key Mercury Retrograde mantra to remember: Delays during Mercury Retro will advantage you. If something slows down or seems to be suddenly pulled out of your reach, let it be. It is also a time when people let secrets slip, or you come across useful data. 

Mercury Retrograde Delays Advantage You 

However, offers that whiz in out of nowhere during Mercury Retrograde are often suss. It's a good phase for revisions, editing, research, and tangential activity but not for committing to sudden onset concepts or opportunities. But Mercury is also a Trickster archetype. These Retrograde phases are electric times of synchronicity, inspiration and random, amazing conversations with people you don't normally talk to. 
Yes, tech behaves so strangely that you'll think you've got a poltergeist and common lines of communication drop out. But you're also more likely to discover secrets or solve old mysteries. When you are born under this magical influence, you have a naturally eccentric, poetic and creative consciousness that many people strive for in vain.  

Sip on a Mercury Retrograde Remedy

Mercury Mint Daytime & Mercury Mint Nighttime

The perfect potions to help you stay calm, centered, and in tune during the chaotic times of Mercury Retrograde. When wires get crossed, and communication goes awry, sip our remedies to help you find your way back to a peaceful state of mind.

These Mercury-ruled blends were formulated with mint leaves, lavender, fennel and other natural herbs to tune you in and keep you calm, cool, and connected during with this fiery planet during retrograde.  With just a few sips of this magic potion, you'll feel a sense of clarity and peace wash over you, allowing you to navigate the challenges of retrograde with ease.


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