The Practical Magic Of Harmonizing Your Home With Feng Shui - Magic Hour

The Practical Magic Of Harmonizing Your Home With Feng Shui

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"Your home is a literal mirror of yourself. As you make changes to your house, you make changes to yourself. It really is our second skin. Our physical body is an extension of our mental/emotional self. Beyond our physical body is our home–it holds all of our patterns. It's where we dream, sleep, think and emote. That's why it is so intertwined with our physical body." (Tisha Morris, Feng Shui Expert)

Your physical energy levels and health are inextricably intertwined with the harmony and balance of your home. 

In this episode of Saturday Sips With Zhena, explore how you can support your health, happiness and prosperity using the principles of Feng Shui. And, all the while sipping tea!

Zhena interviews Feng Shui expert Tisha Morris, our Magic Hour Magician for the Harmonize White Tea & Transformation Box. (The interview begins at 17:00 into the video.)

In our Harmonize Your Home box, you will learn how to create the living space of your dreams, which will double as your daily living vision board. Discover how to align your living space to what you most want to experience in your life: Love, Prosperity, Health and more. 

Creating an intentional space is paramount to ground the energy for any ritual. 

Feng Shui expert Tisha Morris shares practical & transformational lessons you can apply to spaces in your home for a sacred sanctuary to create your tea ceremony.

About Tisha:

Tisha Morris is a Feng Shui expert, intuitive business coach, attorney, and self-help author who has been featured on ABC’s Live With Kelly and Ryan, Hay House Radio,, Elle Decor, ABC News, Well + Good, and a contributor to Spirituality & Health Magazine. 


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