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Stay Woke with Justin Michael Williams’ Meditation Box

Justin Michael Williams is an empowered meditator, a recording artist, and an overall entrepreneurial badass who lives to spread his messages in the name of service to all humankind.

We’ve chosen him to be the Magician for our Meditation Box because there is a superhuman magic to his bright, charismatic spirit, and his refreshingly accessible teaching methods about how to meditate.

Meditation: Are We Doing it Wrong?

Justin is redefining meditation in a way that uproots the counterproductive pressure most of us feel to meditate “properly,” while still acknowledging just how important it is that we do engage in some kind of meditative practice - not only for ourselves, but for the sake of the human race.

He debunks some serious misconceptions about meditation that have been creating inertia in people’s meditation practices for who knows how long. For example, let’s stop trying to turn off all of our thoughts while we meditate - it’s literally impossible! The contents of the Meditation Box reveal many other relatable problems that people experience while trying to meditate.

In essence, Justin wants us to understand that we can create our practice on our own terms that allows us to tap into the big why of meditation. And, it can actually be an enjoyable experience. Frankly, it’s silly to stress out about meditating, right? Stressing out defeats the purpose, and yet is entirely too common to scribble “meditate” on our to-do lists, sandwiched right between “fold laundry” and “file taxes”.

So thank God (or whoever your higher power is, be it spirit, or source, or just plain old goodness) that Justin Michael Williams breaks it down for us in digestible, palatable terms.

Meditation Allows Us to Stay Woke

“Being woke isn’t just about knowledge, it’s a call to action that arises from deep and fearless awareness.” -JMW

Justin helps us shift the focus of meditation toward awareness, and away from becoming the idyllic Zen master. The term “meditation” oftentimes brings up the image of a smiling, cross-legged yogi surrounded by a blissful aura of golden light, and fragrant swirls of incense smoke. If you think about it, this is an unrealistic goal, and a great way to fall into a life of complacency and mediocrity.

It can’t be all love and light, or peace and joy all the time. Justin encourages us to deeply experience the whole gamut of human emotions while we meditate - and we can do it in any physical position that feels cozy to us, even on our backs (what a concept, right?!). Feel all of the feelings, and when the unpleasant ones arise, you’re likely being called to action. Maybe there’s some anger or grief buried deep in there that needs to be visited so that you can take action in the world to act out against some saddening injustices.

And hey, sometimes we will experience deep peace in meditation, and we can revel in those moments. The important thing is simply that we are aware of what’s present.

A High Vibe Tea Ritual

Justin has chosen Gypsy Rose Tea to be included in the meditation box, not only because it is undeniably delectable, but because the aroma of rose literally elevates one’s internal vibration. This is why we use rose in life’s most important moments: weddings, funerals, and romantic bubble baths.

Along with sipping on rose tea, Justin’s ritual includes creating a beautiful space with other high vibrational scents, and with one very important centering question. Stay tuned to find out the details on how Justin sets the stage for a powerful, world-changing meditation.

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