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Nourish Your Skin's Biome with Tea

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Indulge in the remarkable skincare benefits of tea with Skinprayer Botanical Beautea Oil, a Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate that unveils your skin's true radiance. Crafted with love and care, this concentrated oil is infused with a harmonious blend of botanicals, harnessing the power of tea and natural ingredients to nourish your skin's natural biome. Discover the transformative effects of this lightweight, hydrating, and deeply moisturizing oil, suitable for all skin types. It works to reduce redness, fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation, while enhancing collagen production. Allow your skin to sip from the well of nature's plant magic and embrace the divine gift it bestows upon you.

Potent Ingredients for Skin Nourishment

Experience the benefits of Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate packed with brightening vitamins, balancing minerals, and moisturizing fatty acids. With nourishing omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, it provides free-radical fighting antioxidants for protection against environmental stressors. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this formula is free from harmful additives, ensuring your skin receives the best care.

Transformative Results

Regular use of Skinprayer, the Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate, promotes brighter, moisturized skin, a more even skin tone, and reduced visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Embrace the Magic Hour glow and enjoy the rejuvenating effects this restorative tea-infused botanical oil offers.

How to Use and Shelf Life

To illuminate your natural radiance, apply 1-2 pumps of the Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate to your face, hands, and neck. Incorporate it into your self-care ceremony and embrace the Magic Hour experience. For optimal freshness, use within 6 months of opening.

Key Botanical Ingredients for Skin Nourishment

Prickly Pear Oil

At the heart of our formula lies Prickly Pear Oil, also known as cactus seed oil. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, Prickly Pear Oil deeply moisturizes and restores your skin's natural moisture barrier. It keeps your skin hydrated and supple while reducing water loss, as demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Embrace the skin-quenching benefits of this extraordinary botanical.

Green Tea Oil (Camellia Sinensis)

Harnessing the antioxidant power of Green Tea, our Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate features Green Tea Oil. Packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants, it protects your skin from environmental stressors while supporting a healthy complexion. Experience the soothing and rejuvenating effects of this remarkable botanical, enriched with the goodness of nature.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Indulge in the richness of Pomegranate Seed Oil, a botanical treasure loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This powerhouse ingredient is known for its ability to reduce signs of aging and improve skin texture. With its unique Omega 5 fatty acid, a potent antioxidant, it provides exceptional protection against free radicals. Experience the wonders of Pomegranate Seed Oil and unveil a more youthful and vibrant complexion.

Watermelon Seed Oil

Nourish and hydrate your skin with the rejuvenating properties of Watermelon Seed Oil. Bursting with fatty acids, this botanical treasure helps to replenish and lock in moisture, leaving your skin soft and supple. Embrace the refreshing and revitalizing effects of Watermelon Seed Oil, an excellent addition to your skincare ritual.

Rosehip Oil

Unlock the brightening and balancing benefits of Rosehip Oil. Known for its ability to even out skin tone and texture, this botanical gem is a skincare favorite. Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, Rosehip Oil promotes a healthier-looking complexion. Discover the transformative power of this botanical treasure and unveil a radiant, youthful glow.

Sacha Inchi Oil

Experience the richness of Sacha Inchi Oil, derived from the Amazonian fruit known for its unparalleled omega-3 fatty acid content. This nourishing botanical helps to reduce inflammation, improve skin elasticity, and enhance overall skin health. Embrace the transformative effects of Sacha Inchi Oil and discover nature's gift for radiant, resilient skin.

Restorative Botanicals

Our Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate also incorporates other restorative botanicals like Squalene, Daikon Seed Extract, Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, Aloe Oil, Amla Extract Oil, and more. Each ingredient contributes to the rejuvenation and balance of your skin, providing nourishment and promoting a youthful glow. Experience the harmonious blend of these botanical wonders and unlock your skin's true potential.

Packaging Designed for Preservation

Miron Glass Bottles

Discover the unique protective properties of Miron Glass bottles used to preserve the quality and potency of the Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate. Explore how the violet-hued glass blocks out most visible light while allowing violet and ultraviolet light to pass through, safeguarding the contents from oxidation and degradation.

Embrace the transformative power of Skinprayer Botanical Beautea Oil, a Tea-Infused Skin-Biome Oil Concentrate. Nourish your skin with the harmonious blend of botanical treasures, harnessing the magic of tea-infused skincare. Reduce redness, fine lines, wrinkles, and inflammation, while enhancing collagen production. Experience the divine gift of plant magic and unlock a new level of radiance and vitality with Skinprayer Botanical Beautea Oil. Elevate your skincare ritual and embrace the remarkable benefits of tea-infused skincare by Magic Hour.

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