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Meet Aquamarine Dream: Sip, Soothe, Repeat

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Aquamarine Dream is a blend very near and dear to Zhena's heart, as it is based on an Ayurvedic sleep remedy she has been using for years in her own personal sleep journey. 

The truth is that so many of us don’t sleep as well as we could, for various reasons. Some of you may not sleep through the night, or you have a hard time falling asleep. Some of you may sleep fine, but have a hard time waking up. And some of you may experience a racing mind or a total forgetfulness of your dreams. 

All of our sleep patterns are related to the energy we store in our bodies—the unique mix of hormones and nutrients, not to mention the intellectual, energetic and emotional experiences we process—or not—throughout the day. 

Zhena created this blend out of a need to relax nervous or “unsettled” energy in the body and mind, which stems from anxiety and exhaustion. The Ayurvedic “adaptogems” present within this herbal potion are known to rejuvenate your energy during the day and allow for deep sleep at night.

Let's Talk Adrenal Fatigue

You’ve probably heard of the term “adrenal fatigue” but what does it actually mean?

Our adrenal glands rest above our kidneys and produce a variety of hormones, one of which is cortisol, typically known as the “stress hormone”. Cortisol is produced when our body is under a state of alarm or distress - also referred to as “fight or flight”. Prolonged production of cortisol (aka prolonged and sustained states of stress) can wreak havoc on our body and health, lowering our immune system, increasing our risk of disease, and maxing out our adrenal glands, thereby zapping our energy into oblivion.

Adrenal fatigue can also trigger other reactions in the body including:

– Overconsumption and overreliance on caffeine (creating a vicious cycle of further fatigue)

– Brain fog and trouble focusing

– Low energy and lethargy

– Mood swings and an increased feelings of anxiety and depression

– Increased sugar cravings which can lead to further blood sugar imbalances

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms - either due to the prolonged stress of our current times, or feel stuck on the hamster wheel of “caffeinate and burn out”, turning to tea can help! Herbs are truly our allies, and adaptogens in particular are herbs that can help soothe our nervous system, lower our stress response, and help bring our body back into a balanced state of homeostasis.

Sipping Aquamarine Dream will help nourish your adrenals, ease those tense fight-or-flight feelings, and soothe you into a restful, peaceful night’s sleep. Alchemizing Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Skullcap, Linden and Passionflower, this blend will be your new evening go-to to wind down and settle into your most grounded self. Let's explore more of their exquisite benefits.

The Healing Ingredients of Aquamarine

* Chamomile is well-known for its anxiety reducing, utterly soothing qualities and it complements this blend beautifully. From bringing comfort to menstrual pain, inflammation, anxiety or stress, cold symptoms and so much more, Chamomile flower is like a ray of soothing sunshine.

* Ashwagandha can be thought of as the Queen of Calm. This herbal root resets sleep cycles and can help us remember our dreams. Ashwagandha is filled with “withanolides”, otherwise known as powerful inflammation fighters. It can also reduce cortisol, the stress hormone that can cause weight gain and higher blood sugar levels. 

* Skullcap is actually part of the mint family, and is a mood tonic which can help settle nervous energy. It brings relaxation, ease and calm to your cup with every sip.

* Passionflower is another exquisite, sleep-supportive herb, and it has also been used for insomnia, stomach discomfort, and anxiety.

* Linden is anti-inflammatory, eases anxiety, and is a mild sedative as you wind-down to the end of your day.

Gemstone Guidance

Aquamarine—the gemstone—is used to clear emotional blockages and to soothe the water element in our bodies. I combined the color and energy of Aquamarine into this blend, as the tea will steep the color of tropical blue waters (with the proper PH of your water). As you sip the energy of Aquamarine, your body will revel in the nourishing herbs.

Included in this month's Monthly Magic Subscription box featuring Aquamarine is our handmade Gemstone Grid in the shape of the Flower of Life. You may place your cup in the center and envision the gemstone qualities infusing it with the rays of light that exude from each stone. You may also place small stones on each of the corresponding circles, to set a mindful, visual practice for your tea altar. 

Our subscription members will also receive access to this month's SLEEP TUNE UP class, where I will guide you through how to use this box’s elements for a beautiful sleep ceremony. I'll share how you can learn from your dreams and deepen the quality of your sleep to enhance your life.

Sip Aquamarine

Learn more about our Gemstone Subscription Collection Options here.

You can also pre-order Aquamarine as a standalone tea (shipping March 25th) here.

Watch below as Zhena shares more about the beauty of this adrenal-nourishing blend, and guides you through how to prepare and enjoy it three different ways!


Wishing you sweet, soothing dreams.

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