Celebrating Magic Hour's 3-Year Anniversary!

February 14th, 2022 marks Magic Hour's 3-Year Anniversary! That's right, Magic Hour was founded on Valentines' Day, a day symbolizing love and connection. And that has always been our mission -- to bring ceremonies of connection into your day, your life, and your home. 

I felt the spark of inspiration to bring Magic Hour into being from the death of my first company -- which some of you may know me from! -- Zhena's Tea. After losing everything to investors, I actually held a funeral for my company! I buried jars of Zhena's Tea in the ground, said some tearful words, and surrendered to the death of my life's work. Little did I know that it would be the catalyst of inspiration to start again. To be reborn on a new path, and to let the mystery of life lead me. This was my Magic Hour - a chance to be transformed.


The numerology of 3 is potent, as it evokes optimism, confidence and magnetism! 3 can also symbolize the death-rebirth energy cycle, and creative self-expression -- all things we can relate to. It evokes a zest for life, a solution-oriented mindset, as well as seeking a deeper meaning and intention with our purpose and actions.

My wish for this year is to grow and expand like never before, while staying true to the essence of who we are and what we stand for -- as an organization and an offering. To bring more Magic, more beauty, more sacred ceremony and self-care to your life and the lives of those you love most. And to honor our majestic planet, the precious tea and herb gardens we source from, our beloved tea workers - most of them being women and children, and the majesty that is found within and all around us, each and every day.



Watch the video below, where my 8-year old niece Ayla interviews me, and I spill all the tea on my journey creating Magic Hour.