Matcha is not just a powder. Bamboo is not just a stick.

Everything around us is alive with magic. Seeing the ordinary, small details of the world through your heart awakens enchantment, awe & wonder.

Ceremonial Matcha is not just a tea. It is powdered fairy dust, sprinkled with love dancing on your tongue. The matcha was stone ground with 1,000 year old stones used only for the sacred production of ceremonial matcha.

The bamboo scoop is not just a stick. It's a magic wand that holds life-giving and renewing ceremonial tea. The stick was handmade by bamboo harvested by an artisan; steamed, shaped and carved. 

You have to learn to see with the eyes of reverence in order to unlock the magic in everyday life.

You have to learn to see even the minutest of details through eyes of love in order to turn the mundane into magic.

There's a scripture in the Bible that says, “Do not throw your pearls before swine, less they trample them and tear you up and return" – because it feels that way to offer magic to those who cannot see it; to offer magic to those who are grounded in the base and in the mundane, and cannot elevate their sight nor look up from the smallness of life to see that which is transcendent in all things, even the small.

These are the things that bring us reverence and elevate us to the next level.

These are the things that we must incorporate second sight into in order to see love expressed into detail, which is a tea spell in itself.

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