A Spicy Magic Hour with Gay and Katie Hendricks - Magic Hour

A Spicy Magic Hour with Gay and Katie Hendricks

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There is a magic inherent within each one of us, in which we are deliciously enveloped in the swirling energies of universal love. From this space of magic, we create. We love. We manifest. We connect. Yet so rapidly amidst the hollering cries of daily life’s responsibilities, we forget this magic until a rogue moment of grace or connection gently tugs us back, and suddenly, we return to a space of profound purpose - whatever that means to each one of us.

Club Magic Hour is here to help us return to this mystical zone of enchantment over and over, to make a ritual of it that continues to inspire and reconnect us daily - particularly at the sacred hours of dawn and dusk.

 Like a retreat in a box, a subscription to Club Magic Hour delivers inspirational videos, a specialty tea that accompanies each box’s theme, fun ideas for intimacy during tea time, and other little goodies here and there that will lock you into a divine ritual.


The First Cup

We have chosen two of the most connected, loving beings we know to be the Chief Connection Officers of Club Magic Hour, and we are kicking it off with a box featuring the crown jewels of their life’s work, plus other exciting treats. And in the sensuous spirit of Valentine’s Day, this box features our seductive, spicy tea: Coconut Chai.

 For over 30 years, Gay and Katie Hendricks - authors of the highly acclaimed book, Conscious Loving - have been nurturing a conscious love relationship, purposefully nourishing their connection by diving deep into the principles of joy, creativity and intimacy together. Their purpose involves sharing the wisdom they’ve procured over the last few decades, bringing healing and restoring love in countless relationships around the globe. Engaging in daily ritual together is an essential ingredient for their delicious connection.

 We stepped into Gay and Katie’s backyard garden on an unseasonably warm Ojai winter day to learn about their own sacred ritual - their personal Magic Hour. Hummingbirds and bees weaved around a colorful Balinese swing and a ceremonial tea hut. The sweet aroma of lemon blossoms hovered thick on the warm air. Inside, water began to boil in an electric kettle, and we went inside to settle into Gay and Katie’s moment of divine connection.

 Cups of Coconut Chai steamed between the couple as they looked deeply into each other’s eyes, laughed with each other, and disclosed some of their most valuable secrets to a profoundly intimate relationship. They showed us some super fun activities that they engage in regularly to maintain flow and healthy communication. But we can’t tell you all of it yet - we don’t want to spoil the surprise of what you’ll find in Club Magic Hour’s first box.

Throughout their entire interaction, there was a spirit of play, respect, and kindness between the power couple as they shared the sweet, spicy flavors of Coconut Chai.

 “I think of a good relationship as always having spiciness in it - spiciness and variety,” Katie mused. “I love that there are all of those different elements in [the Coconut Chai].”

 Yes, lovers - the Coconut Chai is a winner for romance. And even if you are not currently in a romantic relationship, your connection time during Magic Hour can be with your mother, your daughter, your dear friend - anybody that you love. And most importantly, Club Magic Hour will deepen your connection to yourself.

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